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Healing druid- Ruined and exploited

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Before the update i was healing 245, then after first data cache i heal 232 but then after 2nd cache i heal 199. As a healer i have spent 2 to 3 times more gold than damage druid on buying astral items only for it to be thrown back in my face. People will say "stop moaning you have higher damage now" if I wanted more damage i would have chose different skills. All i can cling to is im glad i didn't fork out 200k+ on guilting thread vestments. If it stays like this there is really no point of playing healing druid.


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You don't understand delta. In order for a druid to still be any good you have to have a high amp'd staff. There were druid that had +10 staff and astral set that had max heal but only 250ish damage. Now they get 375+ damage and like 300 heal, but I have a +1 arena staff astral set. I healed 252. I was invited to near every hunt and I solo'd like a champ. I only had 150 damage though. Now I have 250 damage but 190 heal. 190. You know how shitty that is? Only high amp'd healers are OP. The point of astral was for hunting, but most druid cant hunt anymore cuz our heal is shit. The devs didn't balance a thing in the game, the only thing they're doing is balancing there ducking checkbooks by basically forcing healers to buy signs and spheres to get a decent heal in this game

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