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[2014.02.04] “Warspear Online” 3.11 Released – Berengar's Tower!


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I don't see why Warlock has to be increased and the others reduced, I mean why?


Increasement of interruption of the spell fear ;)
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admin, v.3.11 crash for when open warspear

And i try to check system log, there have problem with failed load image 176x280 with smile atc

Check it out ;] i hope u can fix it


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Why did u put magic resistance on almost every amulet?? I lost like 200 hp just because of that and I am a low lvl (14)... Qualitative pendant sux now



U should keep some amulets as they were so we can choose if we want to build up more Magic res or more HP, we like options  :facepalm:

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This update worst one so far :facepalm:

+10 shaman 390+damage and 300++ heal with 40energy regen?


druid shaman era began


404 moon /321 heal epic  ;D

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Since the update Warspear DOESN'T WORK on my htc windows phone 8s, :cray:


It downloaded

It updated

Everytime i press Warspear to play, it enters, displays the AIgrind logo then crashes

rebooted phone, turned off/on, reinstalled everything, nothing helped :facepalm:

please fix so I can waste more money on this game  :fool:

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Max heal decreased just because of 'low' (+5) amped staff  :bad:

Bye bye laby.


Even +7 is not enough for the same heal :bad:
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Time is too low for the dungeons... Easy and Normal can be done in 9minutes but Hard is way out of lines!



(Also fix the reward, we dont go dungeon to see casket empty)

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i missed something here?



Опубликованное фото





meh... maybe they look at human face and decide if they want to instal or no  :unknw:



exept stucked mobs i dont have any problems

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I see a big problem with too high magic defence. I have only 1507 magic def = 20,3% less dmg. It's too high.



+ 4 amulet = 605, +8 like ~990. If u include magic defence runes and some eq items with magic def its a way to high then.



R.I.P magic classes at pvp

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i cant play in my symbian always crash wtf! 22:43:37 Warspear Online v.3.11.0

22:43:37 Log created 4d 2m 2014y at 22:43:37

22:43:37 Running on: © Nokia E72-1

22:43:37 User locale: en

22:43:37 Free heap: 20889732

22:43:37 System memory pool size: 522240

22:43:37 Free heap after system init: 20105344

22:43:37 Display mode:

22:43:37 EColor16MU

22:43:37 Opening pack file: E:\data\Warspear\warspear.pak

22:43:40 Opening pack file: E:\data\Warspear\warspear.pak.1

22:43:40 Pack file not found.

22:43:40 Init render

22:43:40 Free memory before Render2D init : 19017024

22:43:40 Init Render2D : width=320 height=240 bpp=16

22:43:40 Render2D system memory pool size used : 439376

22:43:40 Free memory after Render2D init : 19014968

22:43:41 Channel = 0

22:43:41 Flurry Agent Version: No Flurry agent installed

22:43:41 InitSoundSystem: freq=16000, bps=16, mod_channels=2, wav_channels=8, free_memory=17506932

22:43:43 Failed to load image: fonts_176x208/digits_tiny1 Available free memory : 14131332

22:43:43 Failed to load image: fonts_176x208/smiles2 Available free memory : 14100316

22:43:43 Failed to load image: fonts_176x208/smiles_bold2 Available free memory : 14090200

22:43:43 Loading weapons.dat

22:43:43 Data loaded.


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