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[2014.02.04] “Warspear Online” 3.11 Released – Berengar's Tower!


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magic type got second only when fullforce last time


we dmg good not as high as physical.

but when they put mgc deff so high by amping we dmg so low no.


they not increase the dmg of mgc but they increase the deffence of evryone? is that balance? so we now ♥♥♥♥♥♥ at arena? dmg 150 with max amp with supper low deff?

how mgc dmg face to ranger? ahaha we hit 150 they hit 400. we got low hp too



what iwanna say if u upgrade the magc def u should think too you should let mgc dmg balance too it...


or put it in a class like armor

light..normal....heavy. ..


you should balance it too like that


think where u should put high mgc def and low mgc def...

making it uniform to all class magic def is so very unbalance....... :facepalm: :sorry:


is kind of funny to see you complaining about this.


you only mention the magic defense, what about physical defense? Only complain about whats bad for your char right? you dont mind having some opness at ur side  :wacko:


400 magic attack power being lowered to half power?


500 physical attack being lowered to half as well, against CLOTH users! against light n heavy armor can be worst...


welcome to the +10 unbalance!



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Wow dev I got a quest in norlant n then to riff n to tower"gold quests" awesome :yahoo: I got to kill bosses in easy..normal n hard cool ;D


Опубликованное фото



Опубликованное фото


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