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Suggest Crossover Event

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Hi, this just my suggestion for the future.

Maybe can do a crossover event that just for 2 week like Warspear Online x Resident Evil or Warspear Online x Attack On Titan.

Just a short period because if long period like the spring event, many will just bored with the world event and just failed (some is cause by many afk)

Yeah, just a suggestion. TQ😰

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1 hour ago, Khrone said:

Isn't the last part of the World Event of Spring the same as Attack on Titan? :troll_face1:

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Sasageyo, sasageyo :love1:


attack on golem?, I think you have the wrong series there 😄

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before doind such things warspear should gain way more attraction from pepole in general and have more (active) player base on a worldwide scale, not limited to places like just russia n ect, i can only see warspear being able to do possible crossovers with skylore (other game of aigrind) 

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