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Roland plz help


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dear roland,

Today i got scammed. one guy said me dat he sell miracle coins. And he asked id. And i just gave him my id but i didnt gave password. And he changed login details. I sent mail to technichal support. But dat scammer is saying he will delete my characters. Iam afraid of being get delete :(. I kindly request u to ban provo till i get reply from tech support..... Iam one of da old players playing from moredan 3 years.. I gave him my id coz i cant buy mc in india through sms. When i was in saudi i was buying huge mc through sms. Due to need of mc i took da risk...

Plz help me out.



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We do recommend to send ticket with detailed description to our support team and we will solve your issue.

Please, follow this link Technical support.


Good luck!

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