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[2021.04.05] "The Book of magical events: Royal talon" event of the week and Holiday Weekly ratings Tournament!


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Holiday weeks on the island continue to delight you, so do not sit idly by, but hurry up for the new rewards that are waiting for you!


The Illusory forest on Blissful Isle is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Few people know that all the fears and secret desires can manifest themselves among the beautiful trees. And the white rabbit calls for him to go into the depths of this forest, as if he wants to show something special and unusual for the inhabitants of the island. Or maybe it's just a fantasy or someone's fun game?

  • unique "King of Clubs" and "Cheshire Cat" costumes added to all holiday Dungeons (drop chance increases with the dungeon level);
  • rare non-class "Enhanced Penetration" book added to "Artifact Storage V", "Artifact Storage VI" and "Artifact Storage VII" holiday Dungeons (drop chance increases with the dungeon level);
  • x2 drop chance of unique weapons with Attack Strength bonus in all holiday Dungeons;
  • x2 Guild points in all holiday Dungeons.

Event time: 05.04 13:00 CEST - 12.04 12:00 CEST


In addition, do not miss the opportunity to get into the list of leaders of the Holiday Weekly ratings Tournament in the category "Festive Dungeons completed", where you will find 50 prize places with incredible rewards:


1st place: "King of Clubs" and "Cheshire Cat" costumes and 100 Caches of Great Magisterium

2nd place: "Cheshire Cat" costume and 75 Caches of Great Magisterium

3rd place: 50 Caches of Great Magisterium

4-10 places: 20 Caches of Great Magisterium

11-20 places: 10 Caches of Great Magisterium

21-50 places: 5 Caches of Great Magisterium


Tournament time: 05.04 00:00 CEST - 12.04 00:00 CEST


See you in the game!


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