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Mage chain

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Isn't there anything that can be done for mages' push skill?



Alright it's not so bad to push enemies back but it's close to useless



lv5 chains:



push rogue, its okay

push barb, fail, get charged

push shaman, useless

push warlock, useless

push necromancer, useless

push deathknight, get pulled

push druid, useless

push ranger, useless

push bladedancer, it's okay

push mage, useless

push priest, useless

push paladin, it's okay



Seriously, i have this skill at lv3 and i can get somewhat away with it but whenever i get to die it's due to chains not working correctly/not doing anything but pushing away the opponent.



Enemies nowadays are only casters, so chains is just deemed more useless. Anything you guys can do to save us? Like, please? This is liek the 4th or 6th topic about mage chains. DO check into it please.



If i dont get a response im gonna kamikaze in the bridge...

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maybe its meant to be more of a pve/run for your life skill than for pvp


i guess its ok if you wanna rush past crowds of mobs


at least its better than taunt skill at pvp (which could be fixed in so many ways, but thats another book)


I agree tho, should be improved or changed

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"run for your life"



>chains shaman







well i can see the pve use in laby and all but, i dont find any real use chaining mobs when they hit me 42 or less outside lab..



Disable skills


Yes yes







we're good

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Well, we've seen 5 people dropping from 5 Quakes

1 Ranger dropping 1 guy in a second

5 Rangers dropping 10 guys in 5 seconds

5 Locks stunlocking 30 people

Healers stunning and running around the map to reset their HP

Rogues killing a dude without the dude even touching the Rogue

More Rangers dropping more guys in seconds

More Locks stunlocking the whole server in a single crossing


Why not see 5 Kamikazes holding 30 people in place only allowing them to normal hit while they get AoE'd in the face?

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I think it should be a ranged aoe skill rather than being centered on the Mage.


I get many Timewarp fails due to some lag issues so it would be nice to use chains on the area that I want to teleport to so I know I will hit them.



Although that would be kinda good vs casters but more chances of failing against Melee.

Note that using Chains on a melee does not only make you know his exact position but if you count how many steps he got pushed away and from what direction, you will also be able to tell your's. Incase of Desynchronization a.k.a. Bug position.


Meaning it's a bad idea.


Mages need a way to stop a person from using skills, full CC or not full.

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