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Hi! I am a new player to this game.

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Hello, wonderful community members,

Let me begin by first sending my praises to the DEV team for the retro design utilized in this game. It was the defining feature that convinced me to join the game. I found some great players who were good enough to let me join a TOP guild as a rookie. I was thinking that the community is nice in general towards new players, like quite some of the MMOs I have played before.

However, I'm really irked by the sad reality since the advent of the in-game event, I have been unable to get a single bit of help in quests which I simply cannot do alone. I don't have ANY means to level up to reach level 30 in this month to be able spam those in-event dungeons (especially at level 30) because I don't have any help with quests like "Astral Labyrinth" which offer a ton of experience points to lower levelled players like me. If I may add, even for actual storyline blocking quests in Ayvondil like "Nyarlat's Womb" or Rotting Garden - Easy difficulty - it has been 3 whole days since I am asking for help. My guild has players from different time-zones, so makes it difficult to coordinate.

Here is my question: Why won't a single person in such a big community bother to just spare 5 minutes towards helping new players? There seem to be at least a few thousand players active on this server when I am online. And I am not even asking for help during those event times like "Stone of Life", "Stonefang" or "Mermen Trials".

Just to add, I helped new players all the time in the other MMOs that I used play.

I sincerely wish to end by saying I am not trying to offend anybody. I am a working professional. Limited time is available for me to play. I am just seriously trying to understand why I am getting no help in quests thereby effectively making it impossible for me to level up in the time that I am willing to dedicate to this game.

Thank you!

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Big events like this is meant for players level 5+. I would recommend to start on them atleast at level 10 and higher. Getting help on in event quests is kinda unnecessary due to the event minion 

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