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Full guide: Money money money


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Greetings, fellow newcomers!





No secret, that everywhere we go, money is with us. Money makes the world go around, the world of Arinar too! This being said, I'm here to answer to probably the most common question a new player asks: How to get gold?


There are 3 main ways to get gold:

  • Miracle coins
  • Farming
  • Reselling and trading your way up



Miracle coins



Miracle coins is the fastest, most efficient and the most common way of earning gold. It has the only downside - you have to pay real money, which may be not acceptable for some players. But if you want to invest in your character and not afraid to throw some money in this awesome game - this may be the way to get rich for you!

  • How to buy Miracle Coins: Go to game, press MENU and you'll see an option Miracle Shop. Go in there, press Buy Miracle Coins in the top, choose the most appropriate way for you, and you're all set ! ( the best ways of purchasing Mcoins are : PayPal, MOL, Google Wallet)
  • When to buy Miracle Coins: Hey! Where are you going? No! Don't purchase them now, silly O:-) . Wait for a discount for the method you are going to buy them, when you can get 50% more Coins for the same price. Then wait for a good Daily deal or a 50% discount. If you have enough patience and follow my instructions, you should get about 4 times more gold than buying everything when there aren't any discounts.
  • What to buy for Miracle Coins: As I said, buy everything on discount. The most common items you can sell for gold are Signs Of Imperishability, Repair Scrolls, Arena Tickets, Extra Pockets, Unity Signs, Damage Spheres 2, Surprise Chests. From the following items, you can make the biggest profit ( calculated if there was 50% discount) from Surprise Chests and Arena Tickets.
  • I did everything as you said. How do I get my gold now? : Obviously, you have to sell them to other players. If you are still at first Island, the most appropriate way is the Dealer, because almost every buyer will probably be in 2nd  Island. Be advised though, the Dealer takes Deposit fee and if you sell the item, it will also take 10% of the gold you sold it at. If there's a chance, try to sell your items by meeting the buyer and through the exchange window. This way you won't have to suffer from fees.To remove the Deposit fee and reduce the regular fee by 5%, you can use Market License.







This is the "workers" way of getting gold. Yes, that's right - farming. The upside of this is that this is completely free. The downsides are that it takes a lot of time, your weapons brake time to time and you have to repair them and, well, it's just boring. Farming - killing monsters, collecting the items they drop and selling them for gold. I reccomend to farm to players who have achieved 12 or bigger level, because bosses in First Isles don't drop anything, and the items you get from monsters are not worth much. There are three types of items you can farm:

  • Boss drops. Can only be acquired from Iselnort and Astral Labyrinth bosses, markedОпубликованное фото. These items have the highest price, sell them to players (Don't sell to any NPC). Killing boss requires healers, and possibly high level players. Each Boss' respawn time is 10 minutes, and the drop rate isn't amazing, so it'll take time to get a good drop. But don't worry, it's worth it ;) .
  • Quest item farming. In Iselnort, when you complete all quests in a specific city, you get daily quests from that city's NPC's. Most of those daily quests are collecting items from monsters, so people who don't have much time but still need to complete those quests often buy those items from other players. That's where you come in. The task is simple: farm monsters who drop the specific item, collect the exact quanity of those items which is required for the daily quest and sell them through dealer or in exchange window. One tip: if you want to farm more efficiently, have a bigger bag so you could collect other items and sell them for gold to a NPC; have good damage so you could farm faster.
  • Common item farming. This kind of farming is often combined with quest item farming, when you collect all items from monster and sell quest items via Dealer and other items to NPC for gold. This kind of farming is the least profitable, though you can get a sphere from time to time.






Reselling and trading your way up



This is how smart players earn their fortune. Basic explanation of reselling: you see somebody selling Arena Tickets at 1.7 k. You buy, for example, 10 sets for 17 k. Later, when nobody is selling tickets, you sell those tickets 2.5 k per set, that means for 25 k, rewarding you 8 k profit. For this to work, you need to have a lot of bag space and some gold to begin with. I'm actually looking forward to start reselling items, because you basically are doubling your money and you don't have to put much effort to it, like you must do in farming + it's totally free.


That's it, Lads and Ladies, now go, show the world of Arinar your new knowledge and skills of moneymaking ! :drinks:

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nice guide

however, you do realize that with this guide more people will be doing it bringing in more competition for yourself?  :blush:



Well, if I win contest, I won't need to make money myself  :crazy:

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I used to be really sucessful but my islands eventully had a downfall and i kept loaing money from owes but i never used many of those tips before im gonnabstart now

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Well if I U reach level 26 and are a Questor of t3 map(I full rep TT and Rg).U can easily get 5-10k+ a day just by questing and if U get a good drop (like etheral essence e-t-c) U can get about 30-50k in a day

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