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Let’s kill some mcs

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A short tutorial about killing mcs


  Remember, best way to pwned mcs is doing it in party.  When u go alone two 15lvl’s average rogues can kill you easy. Only druids or OP characters has a chance to kill more than 2-3 mc’s alone without die. Good party can win with 20 unorganized enemies.  Basic elements of good party are healers for ex 2druids + priest . Druids are better than priest because have stuns but sometime anyone can need instant heal so 1 priest is needfull. Two last slots should be reserved for dps-rangers or mages. Mages make bigger dmg than rangers but they must jump to hearth of battle to do it. They have low physical  defence and can be kill easy by melee characters. Mages need continues  priest support.Rangers can make damage without contact with an opponent. Rangers are single target warriors and are more usefull in smaller battles or at bigger areas (can make traps spam). Melee classes are less usefull at battles at neutral grounds.


For battles i prefer using summons buying for arena points. Using unique summons is wasting  miracle coins or you are uber rich;) If you are healer you can use woodhead. They have stun (roots) and bees. Noone can escape.  ;) One member of your party should have Merman. Merman is healer with aura and its aura is active for all party members. Its summons cost only  about 220ap and have a lot fun and big support. When anyone kill your summon u waste only 200ap- it is only  few wins at arena.


I suppose you dont like when any lovely mc run away when see you. Look out mcs far from crosses - mcs love crossing.  When you see alone mc you must kill him before he get a cross. You can meet group of shamans and warlocks who waiting at cross for you.  Best way to pwned them is using mage to kick out them from crosses. MCs away from crosses are harmless, cowardly and easy to kill ;)

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