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T5 Ayvondil Guild points buff EVENT

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Hi! I have a suggestion for a new guild event.

All cities on Ayvondil map have a guild event, who gifts a chest and a guild point bonus. It would be interesting if T5 (Ship graveyard) had an event as well. With spring event, guild tournaments become more competitive and the frequency of people doing DG is higher, so one more event option would be interesting. The event could be based on 2 stages, just like these in other cities (T1, T2, T3 and T4). The first step would consist of killing a “x” number of fish mobs, for example. The second one, could be completed by killing the bosses (Old Inker, Drowned Admiral and Levadis Bloody) or by killing all lives tasks (pirates or mermen).

print event.JPG

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