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Spring solo dungeon 2021 guide

Luiz Del Ducca

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Room's possibility:





on this run's example: Library, Frogs/Warlocks, Bookcase, Rune Activator.


1: Medusa
2: Frogs/Warlocks
3: Rats/Root
4: Elementals


1: Library
2: Minotaur
3: Bookcase
4: Rune activator


*The easier room's are medusa, library, minotaur, and runes.
 Then, maybe, rats/root, elementals, frogs/warlocks, and bookcase.


Rune activator:


Always start pressing first engine, then third engine, if it turns on red continue with second, and fourth.


(if third turns on blue continue with 1st, 4th instead of 2nd, 4th.)

video example: 1, 3, 2, 4


How to do Dungeon and tips:


  • just protect him from dying.

Tips if you are weak:


On medusa:

  • Mirrors stuns her and increases your damage.

On minotaur:

  • Run and let him walk on the dinamytes.

On library:

  • Use frog event minion to heal you and/or do room 3(blue) to take roots healing buff.

On toadsbug/warlock room:

  • Kill toads first and beware warlocks, they use fear skill.

On elementals room:

  • Kill one by one and take their "essence" to container, you need 3 of each.(killing 3 at once, does not works.)

on boss:

  • I know that the boss is running and teleporting, and that is boring, but you dont need to chase him just stand somewhere safe and wait for him to come, he is trying to kill you too.




Any other tips and comments are welcome =).

Edited by Luiz Del Ducca
updated elementals room
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  • Akasha pinned this topic
On 3/25/2021 at 3:22 PM, Akasha said:

Hello there!:hi:

Thank you for the guide! By the way, what is your ign and server? 

I have many chars, but, my main is Jokye from US-saphire 🙂

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