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Charmer Build Idea for 9.3: Zoo Build

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Zoo Build

(Also known as "Who Let the Dogs Out build")


Basic Skills:


592c4aab1dfa3_1.png.770fc8f8d312b232efe5e1de7aa4ce30.png.ae67e2063851a1eeb53aae0e4d0c4c63.png Dark Prism or 592c4aac36c78_3.png.188af5beba7e68afe158de48bf538a10.png.9d373b68653c568f502f21de0d342541.pngWeakness: 3/5

592c4aac00891_2.png.da1ff1e5f25e63e90c9b39211a808ca2.png.e3eb825fa2065e291648e568e3fcdf91.png Warrior Healing: 5/5

899685287_.png.88e5832aeb5f4c0f8ebe63a612a60de5.png.8b45d590596ce043731a1db08fbb0ca1.png Call: 5/5


Expert Skills:


760120046_.png.8469ebec9a34a69db83628c3586f44be.png.b458b5550f5b37cd858ee590bb6dabe7.png Help of Chaos: 4/4

2045132305_.png.85fb220c35a8a6c8c74f02c449876f29.png.b4e028af1012ced948e0c85a07a649b7.png Demonic Pact: 4/4

1038464519_.png.5ab780908264b7f61c50642a3045f88e.png.b188ac5dedacbea8c6fb9915415b8d39.png Summoner Skill: 4/4





  • 592c4aab1dfa3_1.png.770fc8f8d312b232efe5e1de7aa4ce30.png.ae67e2063851a1eeb53aae0e4d0c4c63.png Dark Prism for direct magical damage or 592c4aac36c78_3.png.188af5beba7e68afe158de48bf538a10.png.9d373b68653c568f502f21de0d342541.png Weakness to increase all types of damage, from you, from your party and even from your pets (in my opinion, you should use it instead of Dark Prism since you're going to use your pets very often. You can use Weakness Summoner Skill to give a huge amount of damage to a single target).
  • 592c4aac00891_2.png.da1ff1e5f25e63e90c9b39211a808ca2.png.e3eb825fa2065e291648e568e3fcdf91.png Warrior Healing for healing. That's it. If you're fully focused into dealing damage, you can use Dark Prism or Weakness 5/5 instead of it, but i don't think it's good.
  • 899685287_.png.88e5832aeb5f4c0f8ebe63a612a60de5.png.8b45d590596ce043731a1db08fbb0ca1.png Call is the main skill of this build. In 5/5 with Demonic Pact 4/4 it will live for 48 seconds instead of 30 (since the attack speed of the wolf is 2 seconds, it will do 9 more attacks than the normal), and using the right relic, you can double its lifetime (60 seconds). Also, to maximize its potential, you should use Summoner Skill 4/4 to have more control on the wolf and to deal increased damage in area.
  • 760120046_.png.8469ebec9a34a69db83628c3586f44be.png.b458b5550f5b37cd858ee590bb6dabe7.png Help of Chaos is the skill that every Charmer uses. It deals damage to the enemy and heals the chosen character. It will also live longer using Demonic Pact.
  • 2045132305_.png.85fb220c35a8a6c8c74f02c449876f29.png.b4e028af1012ced948e0c85a07a649b7.png Demonic Pact is the reworked version of "Energy Manipulation". Now it increases the lifetime of the pets and decrease the damage that they receive. If you're going to focus on using the pets, it's perfect. But remember, it is a constant mana comsuption skill. You'll probably need to have a high amount of Mana Regeneration to keep it.
  • 1038464519_.png.5ab780908264b7f61c50642a3045f88e.png.b188ac5dedacbea8c6fb9915415b8d39.png Summoner Skill got a rework. Now, it makes the wolves attack the chosen target and increases the damage of the first attack of them, and also deals damage in area. It's perfect. I can't see a reason to not use it.


Final Comments: Basically, you trade the defensive skills to use offensive skills (maybe you can consider Demonic Pact as a defensive skill). However, you still have Warrior Healing and Help of Chaos to heal yourself. I think it is a good build, give your opinions about it. 

It is not certain though, since there are still the tests servers coming.

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also Otherworldly Blessing seems like it could be op for tank charmer, i need to know the numbers on that skill, with the 2 healing skills charmer can be a self sustaining tank

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1 hour ago, Ogull said:

also Otherworldly Blessing seems like it could be op for tank charmer, i need to know the numbers on that skill, with the 2 healing skills charmer can be a self sustaining tank

But you would need to use a Staff to get the healing buffs of Otherwordly Blessing

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