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bg hardest of all in cl?


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Bg is definetly hardest. I done from genie to marakasha in 2hours only going me (necro) and friend (lock), meanwhile it took a full party to kill bg.

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Yes bg(berenger guards) is the toughest quest and the last quest of cl(chainless). good luck in completing it :rofl:


If not Gariel, it would be easiest

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Genie is the hardest ... Thats why im still stuck xD even the strong rogues cant do cl :(



Get me nava and gurd vvhorelocking there and it's done in few minutes :3



>Kill hunting elf pt



>you stay for kill



>we go block by boat






Also bg can be done with 4 man pt.



Necro shaman lock and melee tank for ads at the purple one whatshisname. On elfs 2 priest druid pala and you're good to go.



Guntram and drogon can be easily 3 manned.


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I sense... A disturbance...



Also yes zain with your damage and defence you could easily pot your ass off and kill it alone.

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U faygets are missing my point, this thread is not for posting ur cl tactic but to complain of lazy ass mcs who couldnt give a single duck for my cl, giving me some gay ass excuses just to not have to do a shit :) :rofl:

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