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Welcome to Arinar!

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                                                                                                                                                    Welcome to Arinar!


                                                                                                                          The basic knowledge you need to know about Warspear


                                                                                                                                                    written by Lavrence



In this guide you will find:


                ☻Introduction to the factions and each race;

                ☻The basics about each class;

                ☻Introduction to the world of Arinar;

                ☻Tips for having an easier life and a better time playing;


1.Factions & Races



Hello, Traveler! I heard you wanted to experience an adventure. Well, you came to the right place! Behold - Arinar! The lands of the noble humans who call them selves the Chosen, the wise elfs of Melvendil - the Firstborn, the mighty people from the cold island of Godgorrath - the Mountain Clans and also the powerfull magicians of Moraktar - the Forsaken.

However all is not as beautifull as it might seem. There is a war raging between these factions - the Forsaken and the Mountain Clans have formed a Legion against the powers of elves and humans. If you want to continue your adventure you will need to choose your side!






But wait! You cant go to war like this, you need a weapon! Now choose which one suits you the most!



The Firstborn

Bladedancer - the master of dual wielding specalization, feared on the battlefield for his powerfull blows and the heavy armor.

Ranger - one of the strongest killing machines you'll see, many have fallen from their arrows before they could land a finger on them.

Druid - the wise people who heal their team mates and lock down single targets.


The Chosen

Paladin - the strongest of them are said to be immortal - unkillable by anything that is not the hand of Harrad himself,

Mage - don't blink or you will miss the fireworks that wipe out a whole squad,

Priest - they are like the pillars that hold the whole army, untill they are dead no killing their comrades is impossible.


The Mountain Clans

Barbarian - the brute force of their sharp axes and swords will chop you piece by piece untill you take this muscle mountain down,

Rogue - told to be the greatest masters of their art - assassination - these guys will appear from nowhere and pick you off one by one,

Shamans - the elders of their tribes who know the secrets of manipulating nature her self to heal the wounds and abolish their enemies.


The Forsaken

Death Knight - their favourite activity in the battle - soaking up the damage,

Warlock - they are trully stuning - literally - if you fall in their trap you can count the seconds left untill your doom,

Necromancer - much like priest, he holds his team mates alive while they crush the enemy.



As you may have noticed each race has its own tank, damage dealler and support, but even if their roles are similar their playstyle is very different.



3.The World



Each race has its own island in which there are 5 main cities/villages where you get the quests from. It may seem not dangerous on these islands from the first look, but don't fall for that - in deep caverns and cold dungeons lie horrible things that you can only slay with the help of your fellows! After you end your adventures on your homeland you'll be send to Irlesnort where you will face new obstacles and continue your path to becoming you factions hero. However you should avoid sailling to Norlant swamps untill you feel strong enough as it's the most dangerous place in Arinar, full of creatures you only read about in fairy tales.


Irselnort :

Norlant Swamps :

Godgorrath :

Moraktar :

Melvendil :

Langasard :


4.The end or the beggining?


Now that you know what lies in the world of Arinar, grab your weapon, choose your side, invite your comrades and go slay some demons of stone and fire, dragons and giants! For the end I want you to give some tips, well two actually - first, playing with friends is always better AND easier and second somepeople are plain annoying but in that case you need to remember that there is this button -

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