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Warspear Online Maps guide!

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Hello Guys! :)


I'm here to link you my latest guide about Warspear Online maps!




In this guide you'll see some information about maps.




1. Irselnort - The Ash Coast.


This map is the most popular map in Arinar, it's full of everything. It's the island(map) were all the new warriors who finished their training come to help their faction in war.



  • When you be level 15 that means the war for you has started so be careful.


2. Dungeons(caves) first level Tier.


This map is in the deep of the Irselnort, there're 50 dungeons in the Irselnort! each cave has different creatures & the most dangerous area in caves is The Stronghold area.



  • The 3 bosses in "Hall of Guards" in The Stronghold area drop nice drops try to farm them.


3. Dungeons(caves) Second level Tier.

Note: In this map i'll only talk about that 1st picture down(after this 1st spoiler) that I'm locating with the green square.

Tip!: The second level of caves always can be entered from the first level, but you must find the right cave.


I'll separate this map for 3 subjects.

  • Discussion about Dungeons(caves) second level Tier also known as " Secret Sanctuary".
  • Explain "Sanctuaries of Constellations" quest.
  • Explain "Power of Avenger" quest.
3.1 Discussion about Dungeons(caves) Second level Tier aka "Secret Sanctuary".


This map is full of evil creatures, the most important place in this map is the middle location "Hall of Avenger" this place named like this because of the Dragon Skeleton in it that his name is "Avenger" this dragon is one of the dragons who helped "Garaan" in the first battle of Spear in front of this dragon/in the center of the hall there's an altar named "Altar of Avenger". In the hall there's a boss each some months get changed he's surrounded with 6 bosses they've the same name "Animated Armor".



  • Try to farm the boss in "Hall of the Avenger" because he drop nice drops.


3.2 Explain "Sanctuaries of Constellations" quest.


I'll explain this quest in 2 ways.


A) Linking the Quest dialog in game.

B) As I know.


3.2.A) Explain "Sanctuaries of Constellations" quest by linking the Quest dialog in game.


Two pictures of "Sanctuaries of Constellations" Quest dialog:


3.2.B) Explain "Sanctuaries of Constellations" quest as I know.


You can get this quest from NPC Arnold & Helg at Kamp-Riff/Camp of Legion, it can be done in the Secret Sanctuary, it appears 4 times in week, it asks you to find the 8 sanctuaries in the Secret Sanctuary then you must inscribe each right rune(item) in all the 8 sanctuaries till you finish it, each time you inscribe a star(item) in a sanctuary two mini bosses will appear to you & you should/must kill them because they'll give you an item that's the needed for the next sanctuary. The last information that this quest has 2 type the difference between those 2 types that each time you take each type of them the stars(items) needed for each sanctuary change their places.


Names of the two mini bosses that'll appear to you after you inscribe the right rune on each sanctuary:

  • Sanctuary of Maiden: Star Maiden.
  • Sanctuary of Horse: Star Horse.
  • Sanctuary of Cup: Star Triton.
  • Sanctuary of Lioness: Star Lioness.
  • Sanctuary of Warrior: Star Warrior.
  • Sanctuary of She-wolf: Star She-wolf.
  • Star of plowman: Star Magmor.
  • Sanctuary of Spear: Star Spearman.

  • Be careful from the two mini bosses that appears after you put the right item on the right Sanctuary.
Two pictures of tables for "Sanctuaries of Constellations" quest:


3.3. Explain "Power of Avenger" quest.


I'll explain this quest the same as the previous.


3.3.A) Explain "Power of Avenger" quest by linking the "Quest dialog" in game.


Two pictures of "Power of Avenger" Quest dialog:


3.3.B) Explain "Power of Avenger" quest as I know.


This quest can be done in "Hall of Avenger", it asks you to get the 4 "Cressets of Citadel" from the 4 "First Cressets" in the hall then you must lay them on the "Altar of Avenger" so you get "Immense Power(Sign of Avenger)" & on your way you must kill five legion warriors from level 18th or higher.


Pictures of "Power of Avenger" quest:


4. Astral Labyrinth.


In this map we gonna talk about:

  • How to enter the Astral Labyrinth ?
  • Discussion about the Astral Labyrinth.
How to enter the Astral Labyrinth ?


Picture for the way to enter the both Labyrinths:


Discussion about the Astral Labyrinth.


The labyrinth has two sides, a side for Firstborn/Chosens located in Kamp-Riff in & a side for Mountain Clans/Forsakens located in Camp of Legion. It's lots of ways, it's lots of mini bosses & thirteen bosses, when you go to discover it in most of the ways you'll find 4 mini bosses & a mob in the center, sometimes when you kill a mini boss he'll drop you "Reliquary" chest & sometimes you can find two-three mini bosses are guarding a chest named "Reliquary" this chest can drop to you consumable items.



  • When you go lab, you must a have a full great pt.


5. Norlant Swamps.


This island is full of swamps, frogs, wisps, & these creatures that live in swamps, there're awesome quests that may give you awesome rewards & some magical chests that may give you some nice items.

Tip! More information about Norlant Swamps can be found in this topic Norlant Swamps Full Guide by Ladygi.



  • Sometimes you must have potions/revive scrolls to survive in the Swamps.




All these information will be updated each time I have something new to add & about born maps they'll be added asap when I finish my study on them.

Very big thank to the people that they made all these pictures/maps! :friends:

Thanks for reading! :give_rose:

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Well done, I myself made a guide, but You guys rly put lots of effort in ur work! Hope u win, hope I get 3k extra prize :3 xD

Good luck ;)


Thanks & I hope you win 2 :friends: :give_rose: .
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