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Guide and strategies of a successful win in 'Volcanic PVP arena area'


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Although i am not a pro, but i just thought i should help with my knowledge of this topic one way or the other to help improve game play skills among others players like me and who aren't the 'top-notch' types. And since it's a competition i'm really looking forward to win (atleast something) :)


Firstly to battle in this area, i specifically recommend you go for the 3×3 type, and with atleast TWO HEALERS (mainly a Druid and a Priest) and a TANKER (most preferably a Paladin) OR (a Shaman, a Necromancer and a Barbarian/Deathknight). The reason for the two healers is as a result of the hostile environment of the area (the volcanic fumes), and you'd be really lucky IF all opponents are tankers or damage dealers.


When you get teleported to this area, 'DO NOT LEAVE' where you've all been initially teleported to. Let your opponents come to you (it will take them a while to locate you because the area isn't really straight forward as we all know it, in their quest of finding your party, they would have gotten some pretty nice damage from the volcanic fumes) Meanwhile the healers, in your party heals the tank and shields themselves from the fumes itself.


When your enemies eventually finds your party (Be quick witted); you stun them (Eg: Paladin's 'fetters of justice ', the Druid's 'entangle', Shaman's 'quake', Necromancer's 'nightmares' and so on), then do some damage and run/go all in the same direction, again heal and shield yourself. When your opponents gets to you again, do the same thing, and continue until you're in total controll of the situation and sure of winning the fight.


This i'm not imposing it's compulsory, it's a guide, but it's a strategy that has worked positively for me alot of times most especially against other players who are much more stronger than myself. Although everyone has their own methods of playing and strategies to overcoming different obstacles and so on, This is mine and you can try it and see if it works well for you. ;)


(What really motivated me to making this guide was that i won with this strategy 'Today' )

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