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How to find the Relic within 5 minutes (Elves)


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The stolen relic is an extremely easy quest if you follow my short guide. Just take 5 minutes out of your day to get some valuable Crimson Corundum.


First off let's start with a simple list of all the people possible who can know the location.

Velaid-West of Kamp-Riff

Sorsha-Inside Kamp-Riff

Danair-Nadir North

Uter-Stormypetral's Camp

Meila-Inside Samarra village

Noola-Inside Samarra village

Gamark-Skuas village (southeast of dinalt)

Raynos-West of Dinalt

Chris-Two screens south of Dinalt

Main Worker-Cave on Good Fame Island


**Before I start the guide you should know that you DON'T have to talk to each person I mention, you just have to click/press on them. If a pop-up window appears reading TWO relic quests, then you have found the person who knows the location.


1.)After leaving the cave from ghost village, walk toward Kamp-Riff. Check Velaid.

2.)Enter Kamp-Riff. Check Sorsha.

3.)Go to Caravan Camp

4.)TALK to the Caravanner. If he mentions Nadir, then Danair knows the location. If the Caravanner doesnt mention Nadir, then move to the next step.

5.)TALK to Aster. If he mentions the Stormypetrals, then Uter knows the location. If Aster doesnt mention them, move to the next step.

6.)Talk to the Somarra guard east of Caravan. If he says Meagan wants to see you, then either Meila or Noola knows the location of the relic. If he doesn'mention Meagan, move on.

7.)Go straight to Dinalts castle but don't go inside, but rather talk to Dimira and Zald who are located outside. Dimira will mention Raynos and Zald will mention Gamark if either of them know the location. If those two don't mention anything, move on.

8.)Talk to Trebin the Catcher, two screens east of Gasphel. He will either say talk to Chris for the relic, or go talk to someone in Kamp-Gasphel. If he mentions the latter, the Main Worker on Good Fame island has the relic.


By now you should have the relic, if not go back through the list and double check that u did everything.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message me or leave a comment below.

I should also note that I got this from one of my earlier posts on the "guides" section of the forum.




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Nice job, I really needed something like his, used to talk to everyone on elf side which is why I never do relic :good: :good:

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Btw Dimira mentions Gamark & Chris, Areyl mentions something about workers, but he doesn't say Main Worker's name.

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