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berserk power stay active

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4 hours ago, nilozero said:

The main problem with this skill is that, u have to keep activating, i think that is why few people choose to use , so why not change to  stay active with enery consumpiton 😊  to be more atractive to develop.  


let an barbarian tell u that it would be a bit too much..... have it always active would cause em to have an overwhemgly strong buff and to be very strong in the dps part, on the other hand, dont be lazy and press that button... (i personaly use that skill and its something powerfull if used in the right way)

2 hours ago, Ogull said:

why not just make it a passive and call it a day, after all barbarian are unjustly nerfed, it would be even more attractive to developers


i'd suggest u to replace barbarian with deathknight

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3 hours ago, Drakoknight said:

Barbarians are already strong roughly through out the entire game (idk about T5) and DeathKnight has been nerfed several times and many are quite strong but is overall limited

barbarians are consistent and in the end of the game if built PROPELY can be strong or even considered op (but it depends on the case), while deathknigtt falls down due skills wich are very good in the early game but then become outdated making it way waker

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10 minutes ago, Heredurian said:

Like I kind of agree with making berserk power passives or with constant consumption. For one single reason. Bds have similar skill that increases their auto attacks insanely. Only difference is that bds skill is passive. Since Barbs are supposed to be a mc equivalent of bds. It would be kinda fair.  

what about nerf the bladedancer's instead?

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