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Fail Administrators Arena pot castle

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Barbarian and Charmer +10 weapons and items maximum damage and spam skills   2 vs 1 warden full pve items cant die if full set rewards and book secret power of vampirism warden like 3-5 vs 1, need remove pot castle from arena or heal need nerf 

Waste gladiators pots and tickets and lose time yours Administrators who pay gladiators pots and tickets ?


@Holmes @Nolan @Reivenorik @Peony




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8 minutes ago, Hourai said:

Duality of Vlawot in pvp:

If class die 1 combo = "i best barb'
If class cant die = 'fail administrators wft who pay ?'



look video up

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Haha, sounds like that Warden is a nice partner. If we win - we win. If we lose - all of the arena loses.

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Your Buffs are hidden. Will you kill me if i ask to your buffs?

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