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Inspiration skill

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I saw this, lets call it a bug, so in the description of the skill it says that the skill adds 15% speed AND PENE and when you look at the stats you can clearly see that it only adds 10% pene. So its either a typo or the skill isnt giving enough pene.

Well if its a typo then its not a big problem, but loosing 5% pene is pretty bad so it should be fixed ASAP.




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9 hours ago, Eshin said:

its not a but just wrong description as it used to be 10% penetration only before buff 

So if they buffed the skill, the skill itself should be buffed not only its description.

4 hours ago, Raislin said:

Its one of the better speed skills in the game so i see no reason to change it and i main a seeker. Actually hope they wont nerf it since its kinda good and seeker needs every help it can get. 

Yea its op skill and i dont want it to be changed i just want it to work as its described.

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