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[2021.02.24] Shall we add some bright colors to life? Meet the Carnival in Arinar!


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The mood is getting better every day, because spring is getting closer and closer! And at this time, all residents of Arinar are impatiently looking forward to the annual Carnival to have a lot of fun and to bid farewell to the annoying winter with a bang. Are you ready for the most exciting holiday?


The procession of the carnival across Arinar is becoming more dazzling and fun every year, and a whirlpool of bright colors captures every participant, as soon as you are near. And no one wants to miss this charge of positivity for the whole year, because the Carnival is of great importance for everyone, and each attribute of the holiday carries a deep meaning, symbolizing the victory over life's hardships.


We invite you to go to Irselnort to help with the organization of the holiday and recharge with new energy!


Dynamic world event “Carnival”


You have to complete 6 stages of  the fun dynamic world event. Your goal is to successfully prepare everything for the carnival procession and defeat the King Momo's look-alike who wants to ruin the fun.


Any players of level 5 or higher that were present at the territory of the event completion for no less than 30 seconds at the moment of its completion will receive the reward:


1st stage: Ruby Jewelry Box and Greatness of life buff - it increases character’s maximum health by 5% (maximum number of buffs: 3 - 15%)

стади 1.gif

2nd stage: Amber Jewelry Box and Greatness of spirit buff - it increases character’s maximum energy by 10% (maximum number of buffs: 3 - 30%)


3rd stage: Topaz Jewelry Box and Healing practice buff - increases healing effect of items for the character by 10% (maximum number of buffs: 3 - 30%)


4th stage: Emerald Jewelry Box and Battle rage buff - increases the damage done by character’s critical auto attacks by 10% (maximum number of buffs: 3 - 30%)

стади 4.gif

5th stage: Sapphire Jewelry Box and Unstoppable doublet buff - increases character’s chance to deal a double critical hit during the auto attacks against the monsters by 10% (maximum number of buffs: 3 - 30%)


6th stage: Tourmaline Jewelry Box and Power of Unity buff - increases the amount of guild points received by the character by 30%. (maximum number of buffs: 1) - if 5th stage was completed.

стади 6.gif

Each jewelry box may contain the unique Carnival Hairstyle, one of the new Toucan smileys or collectible ones from the past, and also:

  • Common empowering relics
  • Signs of Imperishability
  • Unique minions
  • Small Gladiator Elixirs, Unity Potions and Elixirs of Knowledge
  • Potions and scrolls
  • Precious bars

The jewelry box for the last stage will be the most desired one, because only it can contain the celebratory King Momo costume


Restart time - on schedule: 06:05, 12:05, 18:05, 00:05 CET 


“Monstrous Ogre” Guild event


While a festive carnival procession is taking place on the surface of Irsselnort, a terrible monster lurks deep underground in the Hidden Sanctuary and attacks the defenseless inhabitants from time to time. He seemed to have got out of the most terrible nightmare, so only the bravest warriors would risk fighting Quibungo.


Quibungo is a monstrous ogre who, once a year, emerges from his lair in the dark forest to feed himself for many months to come. Half man, half wolf, Quibungo deftly stalks its prey and then devours them alive, thrusting the unfortunates into its enormous maw on its back. Quibungo has been spotted in the Hall of the Avenger, and it must be destroyed, quickly!


You will need to meet with victims of Quibungo, who once found themselves in a terrible jaw on the back of the monster to defeat him. Quickly kill all dead, because next to them Quibungo becomes invulnerable! But don't think that this will turn out to be an easy case: the living corpses have their own tricks to. And most importantly - don't get yourself into the creepy jaw of the Quibungo!


All guild members starting with character level 10, who were on the territory of the event for at least 30 seconds at the time of its successful completion, will become owners of the Treasury of Quibungo and receive the "Deadly Position” buff. To remind you, your guild will be credited with an event, even if only one player took part in the battle with the boss and at the same time stayed alive until the end of the battle.


The Treasury of Quibungo may contain the following rewards:

  • Enhanced Penetration skill book
  • Quibungo costume
  • unique empowering relics
  • seeker's stamina elixirs
  • unity signs
  • signs of imperishability
  • minions
  • great elixirs of a gladiator, unity and knowledge
  • event potions and scrolls
  • precious bars

“Deadly Position” buff - increases character's Critical Hit by 5% (max. 4 buffs - 20%).


Conditions of activation: collect 5000 Guild Points.

Event restart time: 6 hours after the event ends.


Do not forget that in addition to the event, you can always fight with a raid boss to get additional unique treasures:

  • common defensive and offensive relics
  • unity signs
  • holiday minions
  • catalysts, essences and  substances
  • spheres of damage and defense enhancement
  • precious bars

Boss respawn time: 30 minutes.




Warriors who do not like mass holidays, but prefer to conquer the Dungeons, will also not be left without a gift. Only for the duration of the Carnival, a unique festive "Steel Cutthroat" costume has been added to all Dungeons of heroic and mythic difficulty levels (the drop rate increases with the level and difficulty of the dungeon). This is your chance to get your hands on a brand new outfit before anyone else!


Exclusive items in Miracle Shop


Legendary Chest of the Carnival


Only for the duration of the carnival procession you will have the opportunity to get back a unique chest with the brightest and most beautiful costumes and shells, which will return to the Shop of Miracles. And don't forget to browse through the list of items hidden inside just by clicking on the chest!



  • Supreme Shaman
  • Spiky Shooter
  • Over-the-top Beauty
  • Warrior of the Southern lands
  • Carnival Patron
  • Heavenly Scout
  • Caatinga's Ghost
  • Peacock princess
  • Selva’s goddess
  • Cangaceiro
  • Carnival King
  • Carnival Queen

Decorative skins:

  • Gladius of Carnival Madness
  • Staff of Carnival Madness
  • Tomahawk of Carnival Madness
  • Falchion of Carnival Madness
  • Labrys of Carnival Madness
  • Spadone of Carnival Madness
  • Caduceus of Carnival Madness
  • Recade of Carnival Madness
  • Bow of Carnival Madness
  • Arbalest of Carnival Madness
  • Pavise of Carnival Madness

Cache of the Eternal Holiday



  • Chasuble of the Expensive Joy
  • Frock of the Expensive Joy
  • Hunter of Araucaria Moist Forests
  • Fearless Cougar
  • Charming Uirapuru
  • Enchanted by the Wind
  • Carnival Shaman
  • Carnival Dancer
  • Carnival Dancer
  • Terreiro Priestess

Decorative skins:

  • Dagger of Tropical Sunset
  • Gladius of Tropical Sunset
  • Mace of Tropical Sunset
  • Scimitar of Tropical Sunset
  • Poleaxe of Tropical Sunset
  • Baton of Tropical Sunset
  • Staff of Tropical Sunset
  • Bow of Tropical Sunset
  • Bombard of Tropical Sunset
  • Shield of Tropical Sunset


  • Summon Spotted Jaguar
  • Summon Maned Wolf

New carnival minions will become reliable protection for you in the most dangerous battles. Pay attention to their abilities to choose the most useful one for your hero: 


Summon Spotted Jaguar

  • instantly restores health to the owner of the minion, as well as to players next to the owner with a certain chance (active skill);
  • increases the physical and magical power of the owner of the minion for some time (active skill);
  • reduces the physical and magical strength of the enemy for some time (active skill);
  • periodically restores health to itself (passive skill).

Summon Maned Wolf

  • instantly restores health to the owner of the minion and himself (active skill);
  • instantly reduces the cooldown of all skills of the owner of the minion by 20% (active skill);
  • reduces the speed of recharging skills of the enemy (active skill);
  • periodically restores health to itself (passive skill).

Great elixirs:

  • Gladiator's Great Elixir
  • Great Elixir of Knowledge
  • Great Elixir of Unity

Powerful scrolls and potions:

  • Invigorating Mate
  • Revitalizing Terere
  • Mangrove Scroll of Confrontation
  • Mangrove Scroll of Patronage
  • Palm Scroll of Confrontation
  • Palm Scroll of Patronage

and precious bars!




Don't forget about the unique minions that appear in the Miracle Shop only during the Carnival. They are designed to protect you in every possible way in battle, but first carefully study their passive and active skills in order to choose the best assistant for yourself: 


Summon Cuca:

  • increases health and energy regeneration of the minion’s owner by 30% for the entire duration of the minion’s life (passive skill);
  • instantly restores health to the minion’s owner (active skill);
  • increases skill recharge speed of the minion’s owner for some time (active skill);
  • deals magical damage to an enemy and applies the “Stunning” debuff for some time (active skill).

Summon Curupira:

  • increases “Penetration” and “Critical hit” parameters of the minion’s owner by 5% for the entire duration of the minion’s life (passive skill);
  • instantly moves to an enemy and deals physical damage (active skill);
  • deals magical damage to an enemy and with a certain chance applies the “Stunning” debuff for some time (active skill);
  • deals physical damage to an enemy and lowers their physical and magical defense for some time (active skill).

The Carnival starts on February 24 at 11:00 CET and ends on March 9 at 10:00 CET.


We wish you a fun carnival and great drops!


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57 minutes ago, Lison said:

when update new class,Firstborn & Forsaken:troll:

If it's not in the post, then you'll have to wait.:piggy:

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On 2/17/2021 at 10:24 PM, Peony said:
  • Mangrove Scroll of Confrontation
  • Palm Scroll of Confrontation


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8 hours ago, Zurp said:



It's important to clarify that the effect shown is also due to the Magic Resistence book the character there has got. 

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