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What things you need mostly from guild?  

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  1. 1. What things you need mostly from guild?

    • Unity
    • Strategy
    • Farming
    • Events,contests

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named Clan of Dragon.Server US. Join us on our journey!


    Опубликованное фото


the new forum is here



    Sanctuary Of Spirits

      look here for fonde it:


    You opened big wooden door,and you see the big sign of Clan of Dragon.
      Then you see a big table,and many mans sitting around.
        One man tell to you "Join,us man!
        After opening door on left,and enter,old man tell you.
        "Ahh, a new recruit,welcome."

CLAN IS PASS TO THIS SITE (http://clanofdragon.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=262085)


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Errr.. Err.. I would like to join too..  need any requirement to be member??



Sure,you was added. Try make any trial for our guild to join:)

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 Tehe and now the dragon clan will strike more fear into the hearts of elfs. When we doing a full clan raiding party? Muahahahahahaha run in fear little elflings



 We need meeting place first:D

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Mass props to to the guys who helped seize control of gg and genie from the elfs today. U know who you guys are. Tehe we made elfs cry a river. Finally mc on top where they belong

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hmmm... i guess we can use town 4 or town 5 as our guild base.. dont forget to add ur clan member in ur friendlist  :drinks: i guess we can add foysal, hamxa, lehero/pulldown to as member.. i'll try talk to them, they r very nice ppl too.  :friends:

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Never really thot to ask. I just figured we was all in this together. If you have an idea post it and we gjve it a shot. If you prefer to follow feel free to do so. Unless we all put it to a vote. But so far I haven't felt directed by anyone to do anything. But chronoz seems to be organizing things as far as I know so.

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Ok so I got to thinking. Since farming gold has become alot harder. We should start posting what is a good creature to farm for gold. Secondly. Since we are a guild we need some type of handmedown system to help the up and coming members. Or the alternative. Setup farming groups with some of the lower levels to help them get equipped. If we do a handmedown system then once the eq that has been passed down is no longer needed we either post here or on a new forum for our members. Same idea with farming parties. Either do a shifts type thing or have it setup for certain people on certain days and add the low levels in as needed. Anyone have any opinions on this?

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Good idea wolfraider..  :good: Me too got opinion.. I think every guild has a leader. So why dont we choose a leader who can organize this guild. An organized guild will be more fun and of course there will be more activity. Playing ws will be no longer boring. What do u think guys??  ;D

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Only opinion I have on that is we will have to vote who does what position. Asking one person to organize everything will be way too much. If we delegate jobs to certain people or even do a rotation type thing where once a week or every 2other weeks we change positions it'll help find out who's the best player for the specified jobs. But yeah I agree we need to know the who's who within the guild

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nice idea,make a something for example:)

Me will collect other in game info about players

Teoretically if we know GMT of every member,we can detect the meet hour more better...

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