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The real mean of Arena Ticket


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Did you guys figured out this aren ticket??


It's so simple guys,they using this arena ticket as baite to sell those items called gladiator items for REAL MONEY!!!


That's the bottom line,just think about it.

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Yes, but I didnt exposed it coz I dont have the courage. Win/Lose = Arena Points, every fight is just 30 seconds so no time wasted. Its exactly selling those WEAK arena gears for real money. Good thing I use gold on buying those ticket. And one more good thing is we dont have payment in our country so therrs no choice but not to spend real money, coz if it has, maybe my points now will be 30k+. Thanks for not putting sms payment in my country.  :clapping:

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in this day and age, anything is possible with money.


you want a faster net connection? pay more.


you want to get to a place faster? pay more.


better health service? more taxes. pay more.


For those who choose not to pay, they deal with in-game gold. Which is essential for mshop vendors. The in-game gold is valuable because it takes time to make that gold.


So even for those who think they are saving money. Not really the case. They are losing a lot more in the process. Time.


About Arena, McMaster. you are right. But thanks to that, the bosses are free to be farmed these days :P


Arena is simply something more to do in the game beside farming.


Nobody now cares for the relic quests either. It's quite funny really.

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