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Protector of Mikazuki - Renglalz •√US-Sapphire√•

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It is in the year of 3040 and the world dominated by Artificial intelligence and military world by high level tech due to frequent inter nation clashes. Japan, was one of the leading country in terms to tech and power. But even with all the power they had their culture and values tend to fade away and many started to forget their culture but the clan of samurais in Kyoto who were protectors of the legendary " Mikazuki" sword which is also one the" Five Swords under Heaven" ever since the Edo period  is pawned by a lousy descendent who no longer have interest on culture and old things. His son ever since his childhood thirst for what they were and how the world was before everything is Artificial and lifeless. He eventually learned about his clan's history and how the Mikazuki was given away foolishly. He learned the art of Jujitsu and Ninjutsu from the old books buried in his grandfather's locker and then One day set out to find the " Mikazuki", the pride of his clan and bring it home. No matter where it is. 

From Earth to Mars or other Stars he passionately seek it, as an obsession or madness. At an unexpected Event from a ship malfunction he stumbled upon the world of Arinar. A place where Elves and other lifeforms live in a tech-undominated  world. It is everything as he ever wish to see, ever since he was a child. But since his quest cannot be abandoned like a man throws away his luggages for the ship not to sink his quest still is active but the world of Arinar feels more and more like home and he never is more unsure of his future like he is now... 



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