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Some suggestions to improve game.


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1. Please add one panels/tab that gives information on how much time is left to use potion. This is especially useful for players making decisions in the next step of the game. Like exp pot, unity pot & arena pot. Sometimes we have to guess for ourselves how much time is left from the beginning of use. 


2. Please add character running speed parameters either on land or under the sea. So we can figure out what is the effective running speed. Just like any other parameters. I guess this is also needed. 


3. Please add lock function against skill that is always used or always active such as combat stance on hunter or exaggeration on seeker. Skill that uses constant energy consumption. Because when we go to the arena this skill is always inactive and very fatal for the final result in the arena. Yes i know its just one click away. But if you're going add these features a lot player will be gratitude/thankful just like healer player get easier healing themselves in recent update.


4.Scroll of changing name. A scroll in mcoin shop to change name player cost 799 mcoin or whatever you liked. This will be good item for trading and for F2P will be able to change their name. I once suggested guild bag on mcoin shop and it's added. So maybe this developer can consider about it again.


5. Scroll of naming weapon. A scroll Which can rename the weapons we have. It would be very cool if we can naming our own beloved weapon. I know it's fashion item. But it's really new things instead we got new costume every update That looks too monotonous. I hope you can consider little about it.


6. Automatic Finding Party. Feature that enable a new player find party for certain quest. This will be very useful for player who started new characters or new players who just started the game. Instead of spamming world chat all the time which is very annoying. We can put party findings automatic in quest tab. Such quest like six shadow and sea witch which only questor can enter. 


7. Point of friendship. When we made a party with a friend it's automatically generate/earn points for both characters. It will motivate high level players to help each other or low level player instead afk on town doing nothing. And within the friendship points we can trade in shop of friendship. Maybe for unique smiles or pot or scroll anything you like it.


8. Sends a message to players who are offline. The concept is like chat as usual but can be sent when our friends are offline. 


9. 10 Slot Skill vertically oriented from mobile client (Smartphones). We really need this or at least make it optional to enable from settings.


10. Old smiles pack available to be bought. For player who just started new characters they must be missed out so many old smiles. I hope you cam bring it back.


11. War mechanism win and lose. Please changed the win and lose based on hp of flag. This way will motivate more players to attack flag. Because there's will be harder to be draw even 1hp flag can make it difference. 


Thank you for reading my topic. Please leave your thoughts about my suggestion. Any answer would be appreciated. 


-Adyjr Hunter Us Sapphire 

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