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warspear developers please listen to me!


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I am frankly very disappointed with this update, I have not seen any improvement only get worse. with each update my barbarian gains dire skills, this new skill of barbarians, it is stupid, this only works when one step away from the enemy, where's the advantage of it? if it worked the long distance would be good. and now only the rich players get along in the game, everything we do is necessary to have MC. honestly I lost the pleasure of playing. AI GRIND please, listen to their customers or lose them. I always bought MC but now I will not buy more coins. If this keeps up I'll stop playing.

Sorry my bad english.

No more.

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new barbarian skill is long range perhaps you didn't add any skill points to it. by the way this update is nice beside few things which should be changed like arena tickets because each update rich players get bigger advantage over free players.

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Once again they implement more stuff to make them money.. Rather than guild and banks they afd in halloween decorations... I'm so tired of the ridiculously slow updates, which contain nothing but more money making features! I played back when MC Shop didn't exist, it was great!  I don't know who or where your ideas come from but do the company a favor and fire them!

If you listened to the players and balanced the  game you would make more money, but you all won't take our advice, until your game dies! Which is inevitable!  Inevitable only because your not smart enough to listen to your players!



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Agree, their new ideas are:



-change the appearance of the game which is useless for player --> bug potential

-change the loot price --> give pressure to the players

-rise the gears price --> give pressure to the players

-design new ridiculous costumes which is useless



and when they try to add one new skill --> BOOM! bug and complain everywhere



Conclusion is this game is BETA without adequate experience players to test it just try and error

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The most amazing is that no moderator here appears to give satisfaction and say something about this. unfortunately they just want our money and not care about our opinions. this is very sad for me, I play warspear since its first release.

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