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[2021.02.05] Contest "Best Costume - 2021"


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We’re glad to announce the start of the
traditional contest “Best Costume - 2021”! The main feature of this contest is that you don’t just draw the costume, but get to see it in the game with the nearest update. Leave your trace in the history of Arinar and receive wonderful rewards!

How to participate:

  • create a separate topic in this forum section, with the name of the costume in the title, and also the nickname and server of your character, so that we know where to send the reward if you win;
  • in the topic, describe your costume — how it looks, what material and parts it is made of;
  • and most importantly, attach a picture you’ve drawn of that costume, in the topic.

Only one work can be accepted from each participant.

Conditions for creating a picture:

  • necessarily in pixel-art style: height of the costume around 34-45 pixels (squares), and width — no more than 24; you can check how costumes were drawn in the previous years;
  • any format: on paper, in a notebook, notepad or a graphics editor such as Paint, Photoshop or any other;
  • from any angle but the frontal view is mandatory.


To make it easier for you to match the criteria, you can use the template of an in-game character:



  • completely copying existing costumes of superheroes, characters of movies or games;
  • recoloring costumes from Warspear Online (for example making a white costume of the chosen one green);
  • using works of others, downloaded from the internet.

Fulfilling the conditions will help you get closer to victory and also help us release the costume in the nearest spring update!

Our judges will evaluate the following criteria:

  • Work on the details of the costume;
  • Possibility of recreating it in the game;
  • Originality of the work.

Rewards for the winners:

  • First place: 15 000 Miracle coins + adding the costume to the game and giving it to the winner;
  • Second place: 12 500 Miracle coins;
  • Third place: 10 000 Miracle coins.

Incentive prizes are also possible at the judges’ discretion.

We will accept works
from 5 to 16 of February. After finishing accepting works, our judges will need time to determine winners, so we will announce the results no later than 19 of February.

We wish everyone inspiration and a steady hand to draw with! 


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  • Holmes pinned this topic
24 minutes ago, As said:

I thought about traditional dress and regional arts if permitted.😗

I don't see anything wrong with that! As a matter of fact I would love to see it

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A descrição do Traje pode envolver parte da história do Warspear ou é melhor criarmos uma descrição do 0?

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Venho lhe informar que a foto modelo do do avatar não condiz com a informação dada a cima, do limite ter 24 de pixel largura, sendo que o avatar da foto modelo menor ter 29 pixel horizontal(largura).

Por favor me informem


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On 2/5/2021 at 8:41 PM, As said:

Saya menerima pakaian tradisional dan kesenian daerah jika berasal.<font style=😗">

has anyone posted. I want to see it.🙃
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3 hours ago, Animal said:

I posted costume but looks like not published yet

Your post was approved 20 hours ago 🙂

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