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Rogue Expert Skill "Frenzy"

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Hi dear Admins.


I know this is not an error and this is a Suggestion but I think this need be fixed...


In the skill of the Rogue "Frenzy" it's unfair that the damage received is increased because in others classes that no happen, like Blade Dancer, the Blade Dancer can increase his dodge and his accuracy, and he dont have debuff... I know Rogue is a good class for PvP and PvE, but Rogue the most of times cant win to Blade Dancer, for "Hamstring" and "Rush" but see this, the Blade Dancer increase his speed attack, dmg 40% with autoattacks ( If they use spring axes is 50% autoattacks, so if have 1.000 dmg they do 1.500 dmg... what?!, and if they are pvp they can get +45% dmg so 185% dmg in autoattacks WHAT!? ), they stun all time and decreases dmg and attack speed to a rogue and they have heavy armor so more def  ( - dmg receibed ), I think Blade Dancer is good class too, but is very he's greatly improved ... he can kill a whole party if he wants and very easely for him, pls solve this as soon as possible.


well I deviated from the topic, I propose that they take away the increased damage received from the opponent because it is an injustice, also the rogues do not improve that expert ability.






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8 hours ago, Jcbreff said:

I moved this to suggestions because it is one

Blade dancer skill increases accuracy and dodge, not accuracy and critical hit like rogue's. And how big of a difference is there is % increase of those stats

The Legion side have more debuff's than sentinnels and setinnels have more buff's than Legion, that's unfair

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2 minutes ago, Zedeght said:

The Legion side have more debuff's than sentinnels and setinnels have more buff's than Legion, that's unfair

dont they balance each other out. one side can buff and the other side can debuff better

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Seekers also have a skill that makes them take more damage and its 30% at lv1. I'd say seekers skill is overall better since it gives crit damage instead of accuracy but thats not the point. If we are going to cherry pick some stupid buffs then why do rogues get 35% speed(and cooldown) from extermination while everyone else only get 15-18% from their speed skills.


Either way if you dont like the skill then dont use it. Sinister strike is a good alternative for pve or whatever the def reducing skill is called.

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On 1/30/2021 at 9:27 PM, Zedeght said:

NO! They dont balance each other out! The Sentinnels have many stun! You dont see their skills? Check it pls...


They don't have stuns. They have got a lot of disabling AoE skills, which are even better than stuns 

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how much % incomin dmg at 4/4? i guess this is op pve rogue killer centric and  should bein used behind tank. dont think use it for solo or you would become to be god.

and if you think you cant win over your rival then your stats are maybe lower than your rival or class roles limit your power.

my ranger also have low stats, cant beat rogue and easily wasted by any rogue even pve built rogue.

thats why i always take my position behind heavy armored classes.

peoples are starting to think any solo here, where are mmorpg ideas to take?

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21 hours ago, Zedeght said:


Yes. It's pretty much single handedly impossible to get 3 rows of buffs unless:

1) 3 stars war (3)
2) Castle offense, defence, attack, heal (4)

3) pot, scroll, food, castle pot(s) (4-5)


Can't have 3 rows without the above, and no class can single handedly get 2 rows without them either as far as I recall, except momentarily (seeker, maybe im forgetting someone here)

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