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[2021.02.05] Three days until the end of the Week of winter bounty! Don't miss the chance to collect all the Snow Boundary rewards!


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The Architects' Tournament is coming to an end, but you still have a chance to not only take part in the great construction site and earn twice as many points for your Alliance, but also get all the rarest rewards that await you on the Snow Boundary!
In addition, White Beard has prepared a special surprise for you: in the next three days you can purchase at a 50% discount festive sets of smileys and hairstyles that will soon disappear from the Miracle Shop with winter island: 

The 50% discount applies to the following items: 

  • "Sneaky Raccoons", "Unicorns", "Festive Kolobki", "Keeper of World Creation", "Jolly Penguins" and "Winter" smileys collections;
  • Christmas Hair Stylist Set, Polar Barber's Kit, Snow Barber's Kit.

Also, don't forget about the traditional Friday deal: this weekend receive a 50% bonus with every Miracle Coins purchase (except SMS service)!
ATTENTION! This bonus will only be active for purchases of more than 1000 Miracle coins.
Deals start: 05.02.2021 15:00 CET
Deals end: 08.02.2021 10:00 CET
Have a nice weekend and good luck!

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@Peonywhy no x1.5 token from ride or X2 token? Why you guys don't care about USA server or other dying servers? U guys know that there is no one doing world event? Please log in game and see. I know ur not responsible for game . But pass this message to Game creators . 

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34 minutes ago, coldeher said:

atleast give us x2 token on last day pls , u can't  hear my words admins of ws?



In game decisions are not taken by admins. They can hear your words, but they can't guarantee you that these kind of deals shall surely come. 

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