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Bigger buttons for active skills / choseable option in settings


Option enlarge skill buttons 25%/50% in game settings  

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  1. 1. Option enlarge skill buttons 25%/50% in game settings

    • YES! Thats a really good idea.
    • NO! I like to missclick the skillbuttons.

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Hi all! Dear developer!


Cause of the permanent increase of displayresolutions of smartphones the buttons to aktivate skills getting smaller and smaller.


I wear glasses and activate skills with my thumb.


In normal/relaxed situations its not a problem for me to hit the right skill button. But in arena or at lab when action increase it often happens to me that i hit the wrong skillbutton or the border of display where phonefunctions are activated.


This little mistake can end deadly for me or one of my partymembers.


My suggestion: In game settings able/disable larger skill buttons AND able/disable system buttons besite display.


5 skillbuttons on 1st/4 skillbuttons on 2nd site are ok. BUT: Noone really needs a "menu" button as big as a minivan  :facepalm:


So if u would enlarge the skillbuttons by 25 or 50% and make the menu button a bit smaller all will be fine  :clapping: .



Feel free to discuss my suggestion.


Best regards!

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