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[2021.01.19] Contest "Greeting card - 2021". Results


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The annual Greeting card contest is coming to an end. It's time to delight ourselves with the most beautiful arts and choose the winners.


As always, there weren't enough prizes for all of your wonderful cards, so in addition to the "Audience Choice Award", we will give some additional awards in the category of "Finalists". Let's take a look at them first!


Really masterful drawings, but, in the opinion of our jury, a little short of the top five. We hand over 30 Snow Empire Stashes:


@Biroleibe Ws Biroleibe - BR-Tourmaline

Biroleibe - BR-Tourmaline.png


@eduwru Darkrange Br- Tourmaline

Darkrange Br- Tourmaline.jpg


@Bomtemplario Deuslvult - BR-Tourmaline

Deuslvult - BR-Tourmaline.png


@Phosphatase Kuusipuu - EU-Emerald



@Deminerd Gloomheart - US-Sapphire

Gloomheart - US-Sapphire.jpg


Now, it's time to meet the winners! Congratulations to:


5th place - @Missprite We're in love with your colors! For which you reached 50 Snow Empire Stashes and our hearts!



4th place - @YaraM kept us all safe from the frost with a dedicated work to our season's theme and will receive 60 Snow Empire Stashes 

Siberya - BR-Tourmaline.png


3rd place - @KelwinLoser is probably wondering, "Will I make my way to the winners?". And the answer is: undoubtedly YES! You better free up space, the White Beard is delivering to you 70 Snow Empire Stashes + any smiley set of your choice from the Miracle Shop 

Trizpac - BR-Tourmaline.png


2nd place - @ZxLeGeNdZ Our old guest showed up not only for Christmas, but also to the podium. For lightening our season with all the warm lights and colors, for the cozy and colored scenario, you wouldn't deserve any less than 85 Snow Empire Stashes + any costume from the Legendary Chest of the White Wanderer 

Blackelmz - BR- Tourmaline.jpg


1st place - @Zaka didn't spare time or efforts to make this unique handmade card, definitely worth the prize of 100 Snow Empire Stashes + any equiрment item from the Snow Boundary. A lot of respect and our most sincere congratulations to this artist! Bravo!



But we couldn't forget the Audience Choice Award

@Abdiel Almaguer - the Strong, has beaten up the competition! Crafting the Snow Boundary and bringing the magic into the real world! Well done! For you will receive 50 Snow Empire Stashes + any decorative skin item from the Snow Boundary.


Audience award.png


And as sign of gratitude, an honorable set of 10 Snow Empire Stashes will be sent to all participants whose work has not been released here, but did a great job!


If your work isn't on the best works' list, don't be upset. Soon there is going to be a new contest and new winners, and you can work on your skills till then!


Thank you for participating!


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AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH EU TO MUITO FELIIIIIIIZ!!!!! Muito obrigado pela oportunidade de participar e parabéns pela realização do concurso. Vcs não tem noção de quantas horas passei printando telas do game, escolhendo cores e desenhando xD e é por isso que fico tão alegre pelo reconhecimento S2

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12 hours ago, Sebastiao Lavor said:

To triste que não fiquei entre os top 5, mas grato pelo set caixa que vão dar, onde posso retirar essas caixas?

vai ser depositado pro personagem no título do seu tópico :friends:

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Btw guys, please let me know


@KelwinLoser what smiley set item from the Snow Boundary do you want?

@ZxLeGeNdZ what costume item from the Snow Boundary do you want?

@Zaka  what equiрment item from the Snow Boundary do you want?

@Abdiel Almaguer what decorative skin item from the Snow Boundary do you want?



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9 hours ago, ZxLeGeNdZ said:

I already received the costume, I just need to receive the chests. I would like to know when I will receive them

🙂 @Akasha @Holmes

Hola soy Atabh quero traje este traje


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9 hours ago, Abdiel Almaguer said:

Hola soy Atabh quero traje este traje


Only the first place can chose a Costume. In your case you have to chose a decorative skin :good:

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