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More features on Warspear Database

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Having the database to measure one's is very helpful, few things I would like to suggest.


Adding the skills of character within the database would be crazy helpful, for clear goal of a build. Pressing the skill button will activate the skill and it's stats attributes will be added to the attributes menu. This will greatly help everyone to have a crystal clear build without having to wait every time to test on test server to see the percentage of stats altogether.


There is a misinforming physical damage number on lvl 30 maces where you put the Crystal of Goodness in. Please kindly fix it.

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9 hours ago, Zurp said:

I guess you are talking about the calculator website. The calculator is completely made by third party, Aigrind hasn't made it. You should ask @SymbX if you have any questions about it.

Wow, didn't know that xD, kudos to him, amazing

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