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[2013.12.27] Technical maintenance

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Dear players,


Today, at 9.30 GMT will be carried out planned preventive maintenance of servers. Game realms will not be available for ~60 minutes.


List of fixes:


Level 5-10-15 accessories were added for completing quests in instances

Quest "Gifts for holidays" is enabled

Reward for guild tournament is updated

Locations with instance "God's Grove" is updated and optimized.

Fixed displaying item "Harad's Helm"


Please, consider this information while planing game actions!




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I don't understand, I thought the ice queen quest was deleted now it's recontinued? I'm a level 6, am I able to get ice queen rings/amulets doing the gifts of holiday quest? :D


Accessories were moved from that quest to instances.
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game is on for u :facepalm:  in nokia,game auto close.





try this

ah worked xD as i thought, nokia has problems in auto updating itself u need to force it :/ i clicked change profile and than didnt change profile info and clicked ok, than it patched the 2.5mb yesterday patch ty anyway :)

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