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[2020.12.23] Holiday Lottery!

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🍀 Holiday Lottery! 


Would you like to try your luck and start 2021 with a bang? Join our New Year's festive games on Facebook!


Here is the link to our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/warspear/


- Place any emojis that remind you the holiday season over the snowflakes;

- Place two numbers from 0 to 150 over the ball ornaments;

- Share your unique lottery card in the comments below;

- Share your in-game nickname and server;


We will reveal our card combination and results on New Years Eve on Facebook!


💎 The card with most matches with ours wins the Great Prize of 5 000 Miracle Coins - 1 winner;

🎁 The first cards who match at least 1 roll of emojis with ours or get the closest, win sets of Holiday Caches - 10 winners;

🥂 The first cards who match any of the numbers with ours in the ball ornaments win packs of 5x Seeker's Stamina Elixirs - 7 winners;



- 1 participant = 1 card

- Upload your card by 30.12.2020

- Uploaded cards from edited comments will not be accepted.

- Fake profiles will not be able to participate in the lottery.

- Fake claims and edited comments after the result will not be considered.



1. Easily edit the card using a chat app, such as whatsapp, snapchat, other.

2. Take a screenshot after placing the emojis and numbers

2. Don't forget your ign;

3. Upload your card a using https://ibb.co/

4. Share in the comments soon to increase your chances


💝Happy Holidays!

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