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White Wanderer is out of his mind? (Problems about Christmas event)


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First of all I want to say Merry Christmas to all.



Now let me discuss some important things.



First , why devs create level 19 weapons with only 2 stats bonus on it? Wait did I say level 19? hahaha that should be more powerful than level 18 weapons right? What happen to your logical thinking devs? So now 18 IS GREATER THAN 19? 18>19=FALSE. I bet you know about that Boolean value?



I guess you should make it 19>18=True.



Second, I saw level 18 Armors that can be served as reward in instant Dungeons, but the problem is they HAVE PERSONAL PARAMETER.

The players bought m.coins for the consumables used to survive in the dungeon and yet you will only reward them with Useless items? Ok Some players might got incompatible armors or weapons, and since its personal they cant sell those items. for an instance I saw a rouge crying because he got Spear from the quest.. What will the rouge do with the Spear? its Incompatible.

This things must be calculated from the start but it seems the devs don't care of what their actions.



Lat but not the least I saw the new skill called Snow Explosion , its very very similar to my suggestion skill Called Thousand Ice Needles. I mean the damage effect on an affected area by the needles, but instead of needles you used Snow balls, hahaha I just want to say Nice skill, very Epic.





Well I guess its becoming your habit to create useless items in this game, Example the Level 19 weapons, the Personal Parameter Armors, and the Lifesteal items..



Devs you did a very disappointing move.

Many players already quit, and I am telling about the pros, and its because of the game Imbalance, the Gay skills of Warlock, and the Non-Stop Arena tickets abuse, if only there is a way to have a fair fight it would be fun.



Next is I want to say good luck devs, coz as of now this game already wasted.




If you will not change the Parameters of Level 18 armors and the stats of level 19 weapons better delete it coz its only eating memory.

You are programmers and you know memory is very important in software developing, since those items are useless then  just delete them and return some miracle coins or gold to the payers who have it so at least their hard work will be rewarded.






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And again, this thread, and you, fail.


How come this tread became failure when this thread shows the sentiments of most of the players in this game?


So are you in favor of:

Non-Equipping items(Lvl 18 items Personal Parameter?

Level 19 weapons which is totally crappy?




Explain why this tread is failure?


Coz if you cant just shut up,



Now Devs, why the items still Personal after the patch?

Some of my friends hunt it and they still got Personal Parameter items..


Hey you told us you will change the parameter of items after the update but what is happening now?

LoL this is sooo funny.

Are you contradicting your own announcements? or that is another bug you forgot to fix?

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