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This idea is simple; its just a guild forum page, like we have there on forum but with some basic modifications.



1. It will be online, so you dont have to open internet pages do see guild forum.



2. As i see, the guild forum is open, so anyone, even from out of the guilds can read posts from guild or from other guilds.

This in-game forum is closed only for guild members, and some posts can only be seen by some rank, like heir or explorer.



Whats the point with this?



Basically you got privacy and more range, cause you could plan attacks, dungeons, hunts... without talking to guild chat, because sometimes someone might not be online, but could know if theres any plan like: "Hunting lab, X day, X hour".



And you could add polls too, like: "Who should be kicked from guild: X player or Y player".



Aaaand, you could choose a topic rank, for this i will explain using the example above.



Poll: "Who should be kicked".

          Rank to see:Heir ( so newbies explorers dont see this poll.)



Its similar to a headquarter, but online and private.



If you find anything missing or wrong feel free to reply. Hope u all enjoy it.  :blush:



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