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Crucible 3x3

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Been a month since it's out and you clearly see how good ideas get ruined by careless admins which dont put effort in the arena system. The moment you enter arena and you need to check clearly whos in ur team before analyzing the enemies already shows that arena isnt fun as before anymore..  https://youtu.be/hJF2pX0iawYhttps://youtu.be/DruxnZx6_VI



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1 hour ago, Higgings said:

I have got your same problem. I usually report these players and see if the suppor team can do something. 

They been reported many times already but nothing changed 😕

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Its a new system, certainly is going to get changed in many ways in the future.


What i would suggest is that you create a topic with ideas on how to fix this, and post it on Suggestions.


That is also a problem i've had, and to be honest, anyone that has competed in it has.


So it certainly will reach the devs soon  

Lets try to make that process faster.



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You say that it is a new system, what happens with 5v5, there it is worse to fight there are 5 elf pro vs 3 mc because 2 are always Chinese and they are afk, and 5v5 is not new, it takes time and they do not bother to pay any attention to it

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