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Banned for no reason or proof

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Hi everyone. I would like to know why i got banned for no reason :). GM and admins i hope you read this. Here is my side. I got banned for no reason or proof why i got banned. I followed each rule of the game. I barely speak in world chat. I have small friends. I dont post on the chat that i sell or trade my account. I want to know the reason why i got banned 🙂 🙂 this happened to me twice actually 🙂 and this time i wont let it slide. GMs and ADMINs i hope this is a mistake. I read all of your rules and never broke even one rule. I would like you to show me why i got banned. Im really hoping this is a misunderstanding 🙂

my rangers name is (iana) level 32

i have +9 items and decent character

my server is from EU-EMERALD. 

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