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[2013.12.19] “Warspear Online” 3.10 Announcement - World Creation holiday

Guest LaOnza

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Nice , seems funny those new skills  :lol: weahhh and I hope to see more chance to get some shit from caskets... thank you snorly.


I will try to play more in this event at least few hours every day.... since I have gf is like warspear? ♥♥♥♥♥ please aint got time for that.


and about alvyondil , dungeons some new info will be good !!!!




Developers , snorly , roland , and to all Aigrind people,  thank you for your work !!!

merry christmas and a happy new year soon !!!

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«Happy snowman» tavern will be opened for 2-12 level players where they can challenge each other for the precious reward. Don't pass by this crazy place, every day there is a fracas between the hotheaded visitors!


THis is like pvp?

In the «Jakkar labyrinth» 3-12 level characters will test their luck while searching the «right» portal leading to the enjoyable presents and to the unique items on some special occasions! Snow Elves ensure that no one will leave the labyrinth without a joy and reward.


Do the 13-20lvl get something like that?


And maybe you could look at my threat? i need an anser from mods. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=98765.0

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Add naruto costume xD  :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:



No xD



One piece  better  becos we can be sanji with tuxedos and emo hair  and chopper with rudolf costume  :crazy: so lets add something for luffy and his nakamas OR dragon ball costumes

ofc , im joking but why not?  :snorlax:

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