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[2017.12.25] Moments of history: Warspear Chronicles. Chapter VII


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Having averted the danger from Arinar, the brave explorers of Ayvondil set off to conquer the Flying Islands - a levitating archipelago that has kept its secrets for more than a hundred years. Local tribes of fauns and trolls hospitably greeted the Sentinels and Legionnaires, telling them about the former rulers of the Flying Islands, who left behind only majestic ruins and mysterious mechanisms. These were the sages of the brotherhood of Knowers, attracted by the ruins of a magic tower that once belonged to Yan-Tul, the supreme druid and rival of the ill-fated Adven-Thar. One of the brotherhood members wished to possess the power imprisoned in the tower and turned into Engineer, a mad genius. After expelling his former comrades-in-arms, the madman built Technopolis - a gigantic factory; he received energy for her, mercilessly processing the magic of the Flying Islands. The heroes managed to stop the Engineer before how the reserves of magic were completely depleted. After that, they went to the last refuge of Adven-Thar. The traitor told how five hundred years ago he persuaded Queen Valariya to hide in a temple under the Tree of Life with Clepsydra Gaia. A second before Maradish, wielding the Eye of Elam, burst into the temple, Adven-Thar permanently sealed the entrance there. So the two greatest artifacts of Arinar were locked in one place. ( 6.0.0 “Engineer's Madness” )


A new danger was revealed in the depths of the earth's bowels under Irselnort - it came from the forces of Chaos, once imprisoned there by Berengar himself. After the disappearance of the sorcerer, the protective charm weakened, and Chaos tried to break free. The heroes who stood in the way of Chaos for the first time used amazing artifacts called Relics, thanks to which they were able to defend Irselnort. ( 6.1.0 “Power of Relics” )


The battles for Ash Coast almost made the heroes forget about the approaching Median Night. Meanwhile, much in the Horror Circus looked unusual. Sam Hain, finally losing his power, brought his Circus to a remote island belonging to Count Valdemar, who kindly paid all expenses. But soon the true motives of the count were revealed: he turned out to be an ancient vampire! Valdemar's servants kidnapped visitors to the amusement park and turned them into ghouls, and then poured out the blood of the unfortunate. Valdemar's bloody empire grew, and the ancient vampire was already ready to claim the title of Prince of the Median Night - only the valor of the heroes of Arinar prevented the Count's insidious plans from being realized. ( 6.2.0 “Valdemar's Feast” )


And now the twilight of the leaving Median Night was dispersed by the flame that threatened to melt even the eternal ice. It is the godlike Vulcan that has awakened, sleeping in the bowels of the earth for thousands of years. His fiery rage descended on the Snow Boundary and the inhabitants of the island. Servants of Vulcan: fire-haired elementals and fiery salamanders, flooded the entire island. And yet a series of difficult battles with the creatures of the underground flame turned out to be a victory - the Volcano and his minions left the Snow Boundary. A global flood that threatened to turn back their invasion was averted. ( 6.3.0 “Volcano's Awakening” )


Wanting to take a breath after the harsh battles, the warriors of the Legion and the Sentinels gathered on the Blissful Isle, where preparations were already in full swing for the Honoring of the Spring King. But the King himself, as they said in the Capital Emerald, was expelled from his own palace by the Amazing Wizard. This powerful sorcerer promised to save the island from the wicked witch Momba - Wickedora's stepmother, whom everyone believed to be dead. However, it turned out that the Amazing Wizard is the most common charlatan. Then the heroes of the Alliances had to get down to business. Together, they banished the witch and restored the Spring King to power. ( 6.4.0 “Mysteries of the Blissful Isle” ) 


The beginning of spring was marked by a surge of interest in gladiatorial combat. The fighters were eager to warm up after winter! While the arena suppliers were vying with each other to offer the fighters new equipment, avid fans rushed to place bets, not sparing the gold coins obtained in the battles with the monsters of Arinar. ( 6.5.0 “Gladiators of Arinar” )


While the heroes of both Alliances struggled to outdo each other on the battlefields and in the arena, new powers were ripening on their home islands. Finally, it's time for new heroes to reveal themselves to the world. Desperate seekers and cold-blooded guards, skilled spellcasters and resilient hunters have taken their places under the banner of the Sentinels and the Legion. Their martial art is unlike anything, but experienced commanders did not doubt: the skills of the new fighters will perfectly complement the strengths of the Alliances. ( 7.0.0 “New Heroes” )

Thus ended the ninth year of the war.


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