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[2017.12.21] Moments of history: Warspear Chronicles. Chapter VI


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Soon, everyone in Arinar learned who Kronus was. The God-like Forefather of Dragons came from Borea - a distant and harsh world. In the midst of the astral paths, this gigantic scarlet dragon has created a labyrinth, hoping to use it to transport his army to Arinar. However, the labyrinth became a trap for Kronus. Having expended more energy than he had counted on, the Dragonfather became vulnerable to astral parasites, which began to devour Kronus from the inside. Having defeated the main parasite, the heroes prevented the death of the Forefather of Dragons; his death threatened to turn into a disaster for both worlds: Arinar and Borea, henceforth bound by the Labyrinth of Kronus. (5.0.0 “Kronus's Labyrinth”


Meanwhile, the discoverers continued their exploration of Ayvondil: seeking to establish the fate of the students of Adven-Thar, who were villainously killed by their mentor, they went to the Black Oakwood. Here the paths of the Sentinels and the Legion parted. Elves and humans ended up in the lands of the Shadders and helped them in the fight against the wolves and with the clans of dragonriders. At the same time, the Legion found itself in a werewolf settlement, suffering from the intrigues of the mysterious brotherhood of brassfaces and their minions. Ultimately, the Sentinels and the Legion realized where the root of all evil lay. Black Elm, a giant tree, became a focus of darkness and gained a semblance of reason after the curse that dominated Adven-Thar intertwined with the magic of Virida from the lineage of the original dragons, buried in the heart of the Black Oakwood. In the dragon's mound, the heroes found the bodies of the disciples of Adven-Thar and laid the ashes of the unfortunate to rest. (5.1.0 “Curse of the Black Elm”)


Toward the end of the fall, Sam Hain brought the Horror Circus to Arinar again. But last year's defeat changed Sam a lot: he lost his power and became a pale shadow of himself. In addition, he has a dangerous enemy - the Joker. Over the long time spent in confinement in the eerie Asylum of Sam, Joker has learned to travel to the other side - the world of nightmares beyond Arinar. With only one thought, the Joker turned an abandoned amusement park flooded with maniacs and murderers from the inside out in Arinar. The heroes managed to defeat the Joker shortly before the darkness of the Median Night dissipated. (5.2.0 “Joker's Revenge”)


As before, the Median Night was followed by the celebrations of the World Creation, which were again under the threat of disruption. The White Beard has lost his memory. The blame was the spell cast by the Raven, the shaman of the Naktu tribe. This tribe came from the dying Borea, the world of Kronus. The Raven took his power from the Astral, paying for it with his life, but then managed to return from behind the Veil. The raven was motivated by the desire to turn the Snow Boundary into a new home for his tribe. The Naktu invaders fought with the courage of the doomed, but were still defeated and driven away from the Snow Boundary. (5.4.0 “Raven’s War Dance”)


Despite the preparations for the festivities, the heroes of the Sentinels and the Legion did not forget about military exercises. They continually honed their skills and invented new fighting techniques. (5.3.0 “Warrior's path”) At the same time, the artisans of both Alliances have perfected the art of making all kinds of armor. (5.5.0 “Masters of Defense”)


The harsh winter is over, and spring has come into its own. For the first time, the Alliance heroes were able to travel to the shores of the Blissful Isle - to the possession of the carefree and good-natured Spring King. However, the king's subjects began to mow down a strange disease - love sickness, and this is on the eve of the double wedding of the royal daughters! The fever was sent by Wickedora, a wicked witch. She once was young and beautiful - to whom the Spring King wooed, but the evil stepmother ruined the wedding. Thanks to the heroes of the rival Alliances, Wickedora was never destined to succeed, and the wedding of the royal daughters was a success. (5.6.0 “Wickedora's Return”


A brave explorer managed to open the way to a mysterious place located outside Arinar - the Temple of the Seals. In ancient times, the most irreconcilable rivals got there, only the Gods could judge. Harad, Nuada and Garaan administered their judgments by the Temple of Seals: they contained the highest justice, which even the strife between the Gods could not shake. As well as centuries ago, in the Temple the supreme justice began to be administered again. (5.7.0 "Temple of Seals”)


The White Stones, once again falling from heaven, revealed another secret: the power contained in them was capable of opening secret roads leading beyond the edge of Arinar. The brave men who set off on a dangerous journey saw with their own eyes Borea, the snow-covered homeland of Kronus, shaken by cataclysms. The tribes loyal to Kronus were preparing a grandiose ritual, not knowing that by doing so they doomed themselves and their world to painful death - such was the sacrifice that the cruel Kronus intended to make in order to escape from the astral trap. However, the ritual was thwarted: the death of Borea and the invasion of Arinar by Kronus were prevented. (5.8.0 “Dragon’s Ritual”


Thus ended the eighth year of the war.


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