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New dungeon "mines of Irselnort"

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First, I would like to welcome readers of this topic.
(I still decided to completely move the text from the draft.)

the Topic will be divided into points in which we will talk about the individual features of this Dungeon. I suggest we start.


                                                                          Dungeon features


1 - the place of action (where the dungeon is conceived) will be Irselnort.
Rather, the mines of Irselnort, which at one time are under the mountains.

The idea is that according to the story, under the mountains of Irselnort there are abandoned Yakhontov mines ( this is told to us by Guido, who is in one of the houses of the Ghost Village).


2-the dungeon can only be accessed by going through a complex system of moves . The entrance to it will be a " Cargo lift”
The path to the lift should be a separate test, so there will be Cobalts and Stone elemetals along the way. As we get closer to the “entrance”, we will also meet the guards of the mines – the Ancient guards.


Cobalt – 6,000 HP, 650 damage.


Stone elemental – 5,000 HP, 500 damage. Each of his attacks has a chance to stun.


3-it is Planned that you can only get there if you win the battle for territory, during which the winning Alliance captures the place with a descent into the mines.
Only the Alliance that wins the battle can enter the dungeon. The ancient guardians will not only attack those who control the mines. Example: the Grand Legion defeated the Guardian army in a battle for territory. While the Keepers were licking their wounds, the Legion had established a foothold in the mines. For the Legion( and alliances in General), it is strategically important to restore mining in turn.


Ancient guard – 300 000 HP of damage to 2 000 units of physical damage.

It has a positive effect of stone skin. May cause a negative effect of weakness.


4-the Dungeon is designed for a LARGE group of heroes.
The main feature of the dungeon is that it is designed for a group of 20 people (we have no ideas how to combine 4 groups, so we leave this problem to the developers = ( ).


5-RAID boss.
At the last level of the dungeon, players will be waiting for a RAID boss.

The location where the boss will be located will be dynamic (there will be items, things that will change the boss's behavior tactics or environment when the player interacts, making it easier to pass the boss, and their use will reduce the reward for passing).

6-crafting resources will fall from the dungeon's inhabitants.
Not matter and essences with catalysts, but specifically craft. They are: copper ore, stone chips, copper nuggets, and so on (What is used to create things)


Recommended level: 28-32


When entering a dungeon, players are affected by the negative effect of Holy protection. This effect imposes a negative stun effect on the character from each monster attack with a chance equal to % vampirism



passage of the DUNGEON

- The lift will be broken.
For repairs, you will need to bring mechanics, they will be located in the "Nadir Garden". The goal of the players will be to guide the mechanics of the free League from the "Nadir Garden" to the lift (The idea for implementation: the mechanic will be in the form of a buff, similar to the caster's chaos bird). When the mechanic (s) start repairing the mine monsters will attack the heroes. The warriors will need to destroy all the advancing monsters for some time.


[Inside the mines: descent]


- Level 1 “Mysterious silence”

Heroes get to the 1st level of mines. They are at a loss as to why this place was abandoned. As they move deeper, they see many remains of miners, but there are no monsters. - \What happened here? (says one of the Legion soldiers)\don't forget to delete it. The warriors reach another lift. The soldiers press the switch to go down, but nothing happens. \The mechanic examines the mechanism and notices that it is not active, then says – in Order for the lift mechanism to work, you need to fill 4 devices with oil (well, or worfany, peat)\don't forget to delete it. The heroes decided to split up so as not to waste time. When all the machines have been refueled suddenly out of nowhere there are Miners who have lost their minds. They attack the warriors, but They fight back. As they return to the descent to level 2, the warriors occasionally encounter groups of Cobalts that were not there before. The warriors finish off the remnants of their opponents and return to the lift, where they are again assembled into a full-fledged squad. And so, nothing prevents them from going down to the level below, but they do not know what awaits them next


Mad miner has 50 000 HP of damage with a size of 500 units. Can throw a stick of dynamite, which deals damage in a 3x3 area.


-2 the level of “a Time to gather stones”

Going down below, the heroes faced another problem, the further path was littered with stones. After a little thought, the warriors decide to blow up the blockage. The explosion shakes the walls and awakens the Cave rats (which have increased in size due to an unknown influence). Warriors move forward, destroying hordes of Rats crawling out of their holes. Suddenly, an incredibly large rat “Rat Lord " appears in front of them”.After opening its belly, the warriors see an unusual stone. This stone exudes a green light and an inexplicable attraction emanates from it. Then the warriors easily reach the next lift and descend even lower.


The cave rat has 30 000 HP damage in the amount of 700 units.

Each attack has a chance of causing a negative bleed effect.


A sick rat has 15,000 HP and 500 damage. Can attack in a 3x3 area, the attack has a negative poisoning effect on everyone in the skill's area of effect.


                                                                                    The Rat Lord

The Lord rat - a huge rat, which is distinguished by its size and strength. Has 800,000 HP and an attack of 1,200 units.

Can summon helpers in the form of cave rats (Piercing wail). Magic and physical damage deals reduced damage (25% less).


-3 the level of “Not brother and sister”
Descending, the heroes found pipes running along the walls. They led to a Central room that was covered with hot steam. Next to the passage to it was a pressure indicator in the pipes. The indicator shows a high level of pressure in the pipes. Apparently the explosion above damaged the integrity of the boiler! The warriors need to release the pressure using a valve that is guarded by fire elementals. This will not be an easy task, because clouds of hot steam are escaping from the pipes. After the pressure was released, the clouds of hot steam dissipated and the path became clear. After entering the hall, the warriors are confronted by two maddened spirit protectors-fire elementals who were called to protect the Yakhontov veins. >>>


                                                                                        Soma and Dranol
Soma is an ancient magical elemental that was captured and subdued by Berengar, and then summoned to protect the mines. It has 1,500,000 HP, 2 types of attacks: near and far. Up close, it sets fire to the ground, causing permanent damage to the 4x4 field of 1050 units in 4 seconds. At a distance, she uses the spell “Tears of RA(well, or the sun)” (like a poison rain necromancer) Which deals 3x3 area damage for 8 seconds (1100-1400 damage in 2 ticks, one tick every 4 seconds (for a total of 1800-2000 damage per skill)). When soma's HP decreases for every 200,000 units, she uses the “magic Recharge” ability, thanks to this ability, She restores her health in the amount equal to the magic damage inflicted on her after activating the ability. It attacks exclusively with magic damage. Magic damage deals 2 times less damage than physical damage. It has 2 phases: Defensive and Attacking.


Defensive phase-she tries to keep the player (s) away from her if They appear in the area at the moment of the phase.she uses the Flash spell, which in turn temporarily blinds the player (s).


Attacking phase – it does not matter what goes on the attack, trying to cause as much damage as possible. When receiving a significant amount of damage, it enters the Defensive phase.


Daranol man-made magic of the elementals, originally created to protect the mines. Has 1,200,000 HP, 1 type of attack: melee. It attacks a specific target, dealing 1,800 points of damage to it. It can be divided into 2 DRA and Nol elementals of 600,000 HP and 900 damage each (Split polarities). Dranol can enter in a state of temporary invulnerability for all attacks, but during invulnerability, he can not attack, but use skills that have the character of debuff (Trance of fire). It can also reduce the amount of magic and physical strength of players who are in battle with it (the guardian's Curse). The elemental attacks only with physical damage. Physical damage deals him 2 times less damage than magic. It has 2 States: Inactive and Active.


Not active state – he is in a fire Trance, can't move or attack, but at this time weakens players. At the end of the Trance, the fire goes into an Active state.


Active state – it comes out of the invulnerability state and stops applying debuffs. Starts attacking the tank. When the polarities are separated, the DRA and Nol start attacking the nearest players.


When one of the elementals dies, the other elemental absorbs its fire, thereby gaining its abilities and restoring its health.

Which RB you get the suit from will depend on who you kill last. If SOMU (“Soma "costume) and extra-curricular textbook "Magic tempering". If Granola (Suit “Granola”) and non-class textbook “Physical hardening”.


>>>After defeating the guardians of the veins, the heroes find in the remains of <<<RB which killed the last>>> another stone, it is exactly the same as with the Rat Lord. They take it and decide to continue on their way, the next lift leads to the heart of the mines. Apparently what is there is behind everything that happened here.


- Level 4 “the Infernal depths”


Descending to the last floor, the heroes were met by hordes of demons. The warriors bravely engaged them, moving further and further into the heart of these mines. They felt that the cause of all the calamities was at hand.

They came to the Central hall, all traces led there, but it was sealed by the strong magic of the ancient sorcerers. As the heroes found out, in order to go further, they needed to collect an ancient seal. One of its fragments they pulled out of the carcass of the Rat Lord and the ashes < < < RB which they killed last>>>. In order to collect the seal, a third shard was required. The heroes were about to return to the surface, but then suddenly there is a Horde of demons led by a giant Succubus. They had to fight this demonic brat. >>>



Elnarge a Succubus, right arm of Asurada. It has 4,000,000 HP. It has the ability to instantly move through space for short distances (Spatial jump). She can bend the will of warriors, making them forget that she is their enemy (False thought). Elnarga deals 2,000 physical damage in close combat. The succubus's claws can tear apart sheets of metal, exposing the carcasses of their victims (Sharp claws). The main feature of the boss is that it can resurrect dead warriors of darkness so that they continue the battle (The order to die). When receiving a large amount of damage (300,000 HP), it goes into a state of invisibility, from which it suddenly attacks and stuns the nearest target, causing damage in the amount of 1,500 physical damage (shadow Reflection)

. Sometimes it begins to teleport certain opponents to different ends of the location, temporarily tying them to places (astral Chains) Has 2 phases Silent rage and Bloody madness.


Quiet rage is characterized by normal attacks, attempts to subdue the minds of the soldiers (About the idea). She doesn't use Space jump very often. Attacks exclusively those who exert aggression on it (Tanks).


Bloody madness-Elnarga falls into a state of rage. It begins to move wildly in space, when a certain amount of damage is inflicted on it, it goes into a state of invisibility, and then attacks the nearest target. When applying aggression to it, it uses the Sharp claws ability, and then teleports a certain number of opponents to the edges of the location. Elnagra resurrects dead demons to help her in the battle. In this state, the accuracy parameter for RB is reduced by 10%.


>>> After defeating the succubus, the heroes discover the last shard of the seal. They collect it, then return to the "heart of the mines". They are preparing for the final battle with the creature that created all this. After removing the seal, they were horrified by what was in this room . Before them was the wounded Spirit of the Volcano (Assured).


                                                                  [Battle with the spirit of the volcano]


At the moment of entering the room, the demon is in a passive state with 9,320,000 HP (Out of 12,000 00).

When all players enter the room with RB, the entrance is closed and sealed behind them. A demon instantly recovers 2,680,000 health points using an Astral blessing. Then summons 3 obelisks: Pain, Weakness, Fear. While the heroes destroy totems, the boss begins to "gain strength".



Each obelisk has its own unique appearance and 250,000 HP.


Obelisk of pain-Deals 900 HP damage to all players every 10 seconds. It can have a 15% chance of causing a negative effect of bleeding.


Obelisk of weakness-Weakens the character's strength and defense. It has 3 zones of action with different % attenuation. Within a radius of 3на3 from him, he reduces the power by 50%, defense by 15%/radius 5v5 from it reduces the power by 30% and defense by 7.5% in radius 7na7 from it reduces the power by 10%.(the effects don't add up,the stronger one overrides the weaker one).


Obelisk of fear-every 40 seconds imposes a negative "fear" effect on 4 random players located on the location. In a radius of 3A3 from it, 100% imposes a negative "fear" effect.

Initially, the boss doesn't have access to all of his skills. Skills are unlocked as health decreases .

The demon is located in the center of the location and cannot attack until its health drops to 11,000 00. At the moment, he can only use 2 abilities that do not depend on his location on the location.


The eruption of a volcano is applied to an area of 3x3 cells and has 2 types 

If the player gets into the area of use of the skill, the speed of his movement decreases, and he also receives magic damage of 1100 units .


Summon slaves

Summons 10 monsters "demon

slave" the demon Slave has 200,000 HP and an attack of 850 units (as the health of the RB decreases (every 3,000,000 HP), the number of demons summoned increases by 5. Killing 4 monsters by a single player has the negative effect of Empty gaze, each attack has a 15% chance of evading.

After the health of the RB drops to 10 000 00 HP, it begins to attack the player who last applied the effect of aggression to it. Its damage is equal to 2,500 physical damage.


The following abilities also become available to RB:

Deafening click

Puts a negative stun effect on players located in the 5x5 area from it. Applying the skill resets the volcano Eruption skill.



Temporarily becomes non-vulnerable. Restores 200,000 health. In this case, the boss cannot move, and during this ability, it can not be applied to negative effects.

When reaching 5,000,000 HP, RB gains the following abilities.


Wings of hell

Each buff reduces all incoming damage by 10%. During activation, it counts the amount of damage done and applies a positive hard skin effect when every 100,000 units are reached. Total buffs can be 5 (absorbs 50% damage).


When the boss has 2,500,000 health left he gets the opportunity:


Restore 1 totem (which obelisk will be restored depends on chance). This obеlisk will have an increased amount of health (500,000 health).


To use the skill incinerate.

The skill deals 800 damage and sets the target on fire (causes a negative “Gorenje” effect). It takes 500 damage for 20 seconds. "Gorenje” can spread to the nearest players.


A way to relieve the Boss.

In the middle of the room will be an area of 4x4 cells (Pentagram).

Killing 10 Demon Slaves in it will put a negative “Blood ash” effect on RB for 2 minutes. It will reduce the boss's health by 100,000 once and reduce the boss's damage by 5%.




The soldiers searched the RB. The timer is turned on (Like the world can't bear the death of a Demon and portals open because of which the mines begin to collapse), in the allotted time they must climb through all the floors. On each floor, they encounter resistance in the form of a Portal of darkness. From the portal, clumps of darkness endlessly spawned. Warriors destroy portals (not necessarily mobs), go up to the exit and leave the dungeon.


Clot of gloom-represents a mob with 50,000 HP and damage in the form of 200 units. If the same monster is killed next to it, it gets the "absorption" effect. When you accumulate 5 effects, the monster turns into a "Shadow".


Shadow – 300,000 HP. Damages in the amount of 700 units. She is under the protection of gloom, which reduces all damage received by 3%. Has the skill Destabilization which is applied using a 3 × 3 area.

When you are in the area of application, a debuff is applied to the movement speed.

The end

This option is very raw, and it will be finalized later .

The concept of the dungeon is unique, and we really hope that it will be implemented in the game. Thank you for reading.


Translated using Yandex translate 😄 Русским привет!




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