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[2013.12.13] 50% OFF on all decorative skins + PayPal bonus


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Hello everyone!


Today is Friday 13th but this is not reason to be superstitious. Let’s make this Friday brighter and decorate it! Yes, that’s true - only this weekend all decorative skins are for the half price!

Be colourful, be different!



Don’t miss weekend deal:

Get 50% more  Miracle Coins with every PayPal purchase!


Offer starts: Right now!

Offer ends: Monday, December 16th, 6.00 GMT



Have a great weekend!




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Just one question: Will you be keeping up with these special miracle coin offers every weekend from now on?



I hate when i buy miracle coins and then few day's later it's +50% offer. Just few days earlier bought 3k miracle coins and for a student who doesn't have a lot of money to spare it's quite a large amount of money (20$ may not sound large sum to you working people, but i have no job not even temporary). Started playing when you didn't do offers like these so i end up buying in the middle of the week and missing good sales or offers.

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Where is SMS? Where?  :snorlax:


Search for it I'm searching  :search: :search: :search: :shok: .



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