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Legionner (lvl 6) using Bow (lvl 10)

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He earned it, he's an old player, as far as I'm concerned, gm's dont delete player items. If they where to do so, he'd require ALL the miracle coins he had spent on the char as they cannot track how much of it was used on amping it (includes selling mc items to get spheres/signs/gold) so if they did delete it, he'd have well more than enough mc to amp a +10 bow, still your loss and his gain.


Plus, i still have all my old equip from when ranks where used instead of lvls, just be happy im not using my oldie :[

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lol, well i guess its safe to say that azebu just became the most overpowered un-amplified lvl 6 druid in the realm!



makes me wish i never unequipped my lvl 9 gears on my lvl 6 ranger, i would have become the most overpowered ranger in the entire us realm!


That druid is still level one.
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Why are you scared.If you want to be level 6 arena player,just get the following items.

-Novice Set

-Get the Arena Points Items

-Go for Full +10

-Get Full Ice Queen

And you are ready,because u won't be scared.

I was level 6 arena player too.

You necroposter whats wrong?

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legionner bow but this ss is old:( now he got +10



legioner is russian :lol:

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