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[2020.10.30] Welcome the new administrator - Nolan!


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Hello everyone! 


As you know, two years ago I took official charge of the Latin American Community and PR as part of the Administration. As result, we had an exponential growth in our player database and room for so many positive changes! 


However, the volume of tasks and changes in our team made it impossible for me to handle all work by myself. Even though we have truly awesome moderators and team members, as we expand, our global community needs more support to keep growing healthy in the future.


That's why I would like you to wish the warmest "Welcome!" to your new guardian and Community Manager - @Nolan!


Like me, Nolan is also familiarized with several languages and has profound knowledge about the world of Arinar - which makes him a remarkable team member. 


Let's wish him good luck!



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I'm two days late as always but still, welcome @Nolan:pleased:

Hope you're gonna have a great time being with us!:vp-hearts:

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welcome welcome @Nolan i love the movies u made especially dark knight trilogy, inception and interstellar

also tenet the new movie was amazing also! keep up the good work


Christopher nolan GIF - Find on GIFER

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  • Akasha changed the title to [2020.10.30] Welcome the new administrator - Nolan!
4 hours ago, PureSex said:

Hello, good luck and patience to us  :pfftch1:

Lol taking a look at forum history...

A LOT of patience to him :vp-hehe:

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