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email or numbers as login, which is more save?

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What i'm wondering about for a while now. When people get hacked, devs say the account gets returned to the real owner. They send them an email.


But when i first made my account, the login excists only of numbers. I didnt change it since then.

With the numbers as login, is it possible then to return my account if i may get hacked (guess it wont happen, but just to be sure)

Or did i just dont remember i put my email somewhere when i started playing?

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it is definetily better to change the login data, even the developers themselves reccomended us to do so a few year back while mioco was still working. What would happen if you out of a sudden lost your login data? there would be no way to recover it back unless ofcourse, you registered it under a valid E-mail address.





I think most of us have played games where they get randomly generated usernames and passwords temporarily for us to change asap. That's how it works here too, with a twist;

The login id number (ex. 7632492) is your very identity that defines your character, But noone can "declare that character theirs" unless they have som sort of a license to claim it for themselves. (which in this case is your E-mail address)





The good thing about changing your email is that once you have done so, warspear will register your registered account in their databases, meaning that they be able to see the first email address it was registered under.





So let's say you get hacked one day without changing your login data, the hacker would then just change it and their email would be registered into their databases immediately, this could make devs believe that the hacker is the original owner of that account, while in reality, its not.





however, if you do change your mail and get hacked, the support team would be able to see the very first email it was registered under, this would make it easier for them to return your account back as long as you can prove ownership to them; aka your first login data, your email, date of creation, items, amount of $ spent, etc. etc.



so ye

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Both variants are pretty safe until you decide to share your data / trade / sell account.

Your first password (after creating account) is totally safe, because no one knows it!


Please, read next guides, they are pretty much helpful

Reasons of losing access to account - http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=83714.0

Guide and advice to prevent you from being scammed - http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=74888.msg356055#msg356055

Account Security - http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=74094.msg344752#msg344752


Thank you for your attention.

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Thans for the reply Snorlax.

I'll think it over if i keep to the numbers or switch to email.


What happens with my account when i get a keylogger on my device? ( i guess it wont happen.. but just to know)

Everybody know all firewalls and anti-virus software are always 1 step behind the virusmakers.


Can i still get it back when i kept my login to the numbers?

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