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sms payment (india)



hello everybody

Moderators : Can you please throw some light on sms payment. Like how to do it and how does it work. I'm not sure how's my sms gonna pay for my account. Just details on how it works, step by step, will do.

Thank you!

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You go to warspear site, under subscription, fill in your email with which you created the account, choose sms payment, select your country and the code will be generated and the number on which you need to send it. Each code is unique to the email you filled in the subscription field. So don't worry, just send it and it will be paid with your phones bill. I hope this helped. My friend did it and it worked. I don't know about India, there you can maybe do it straight trough the application. The countries that were added recently can do it only over the website till the next client update.

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