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bone shield is rubbish, and Necromate needed new

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the bone shield needs to be modified if you don’t know how I’m going to give you an idea you can do it like that it can be used without corpses it would look like it is now and if it had it would be more resistant by the amount of corpses the logic of it and that the shield and of bones so he needs bones to get stronger in the case of the new skills the necro needs the corpse explosion skill that same damage in aerial by the amount of corpses in the place and free of the corpses disadvantage corpses destroyed with this skill cannot be used in others and the necromancer needs other skills related to the creation of the living dead we will vary put a fastama a vampire a death knights necro needs this if one of the focuses of the clasess bone tote is excellent are based on that thanks for the anticipation. but seriously, the bone shield is not holding up until normal mob or you put it on for a while or do as I said please, so the necro's shield is not bad I know that there are other classes with a similar situation like the paladin who does not use shield in itself without an ally or the sacedoter who has a weak shield too but the focus of that topic is the necro

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