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Arena Supplier


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This is is a little suggestion for the NPC Arena Supplier.



This NPc  is found at the "capital" cities, (like Ilhor, for Firstborn) that are a bit far sometimes...



But, if you check on the currencies, and take a look at the description of Arena Points, it says that these points can be spent in every city, and here is the problem, the Arena Supplier is only in one city per map.



I know for many people this isn't a problem, and sure, it isn't, but for example, those players that don't use mcoins or are beggining might be boring traveling every time they want buy something, or even for mcoins users :pardon: .



Just one more time, this is a suggestion, so don't lose your time to post anything unuseful.

And comment if i'm wrong or something.  :good:

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Levels are going to be raised to 23-24 with the first patch and currently the highest arena equipment is at level 17, So yes. I do think they`ll add like level 20 arena equipment.



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Two key points i feel that i should point out:



#1: There is only one city per map ( accessible by your current faction ). Do not confuse outposts and camps ect for cities.



#2: There use to be more Arena suppliers, but the development team removed them to increase teleport sales. ( that's my personal opinion to their reasoning. )

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